another week... another brisket (w/pix)

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    Fine tuning the process....

    I tried a bit slower, and a bit lower (250  VS 275) Usual rub/prep

    I have a Masterbuilt, and it is GREAT... yeah, there are better, and I have my eye on either a camp chef smoke vault, or a smoke hollow 44.  Either of them will allow me to lay a rack of ribs, OR a brisket flat.

    I have to cut the rib racks in half to squeeze them onto my smoker racks.

    With a brisket... I have been STUFFING them into the smoker, making contact is 2-3 spots. I figure, that can't be good. When I try the "texas crunch" I wind up slicing the brisket in half, which makes a mess in my work area. The last 2 briskets I jammed into the smoker, and let it stay until done. Without wrapping, I found the bark was exceptional.

    Brain fart time.... If I cut the ribs in half? wouldn't it make sense to slice the brisket as well?   If I want the bark, leave it, if I want the Texas Crunch... there is no (or at least less) mess.

    12.5 Packer...

    washed and dried (I know...)

    Sliced in two,slathered with yellow mustard, and liberal loading of rub.

    fired up smoker to 250,

    Called the neighbor, as he is thinking about buying a smoker, and wanted to be part of the deal (he brought over a brisket flat, that I applied mustard, and rub onto.

    His flat, was a little larger than either of my halves, but smaller than my rack.

    Stuck everything into the smoker at 11 AM..... and waited. I pulled out the lap top, and showed him, this... and other smoke forums (I like this one best)

    and we waited.

    and waited

    I kept track of the heat, and meat temps hourly (which he "gets" as a baker...)

    and waited..

    All of the meat "stalled" around 160 degrees... at which point I offered to wrap his flat...which he took me up on. His experience with brisket, is SEAR it on the grill @ 600 degrees, then place in oven @ 275 for 5.5-6 hours.

    By 7 PM... all of the meat was off the smoker.... neighbor hauled his off to feed wife and children.

    Oh... and for giggles I threw in a few russet potatos. wiped with olive oil.... sprinkled with kosher salt... about 4 hours @ 250 degrees... melt in your mouth (sorry NO pix)
  2. another week... another brisket (w/pix)  

    i see the title and so PICS YUMMY!!!! but NO [​IMG]
  3. skootchnc

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    Brisket, alnogside smoker rack.... 

    Sliced in two

    finished product

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  4. looks good how did it turn out?
  5. skootchnc

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    every mouthful, a religious experience....

    oh god.

    Oh God !

    OH GAWD!!!!

    no really.... by leaving the meat unwrapped... the bark is crispy, with a satisfying crunch.... but soooooo moist.

    I m sure the purists will turn up their nose and delear it 'burnt/over done"... but a slice will bend in half, without breaking, and hold it's own weight. 

    I admit it is MORE smokey than many will like....but I ran the last 2 hours with heat, but no smoke...

    By slicing in half... I doubled the crunchy bits...
  6. it honestly dosent matter what anyone thinks as long as you and your family enjoy what you make and you enjoy doing it. glad it turnd out good for ya.
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    Looks delicious!  Love the bark.
  8. Looks good man. The color is spot on

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