Another way to make casingless beef snack sticks

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  1. After looking at themule69’s casingless beef sticks, I got inspired to try these myself.  I followed Mule’s recipe with some changes (which was based on Bearcarver’s unstuffed beef logs with some mods)

    One big difference, they both talked about having to have two people, one to crank the stuffer and one to catch the sticks.  They also had to use a larger (3/4 inch) tube.  I wanted to try it with one person, so I pulled out my old Jerky Cannon and it worked really nice with a ½ inch tube and a ¾ inch tube.

    Here is what I did

    Day # 1
    Mix the following:

    #1 Mix

    Tender Quick----------------------2.5 ounces

    Worcestershire sauce------------8 ounces

    Ice Water----------------------------5 ounces

    Stir this until TQ is dissolved, and put in fridge.


    Then mix the following

    #2 Mix

    Black Pepper------------------------------------------------1 TBS

    Crushed red pepper---------------------------------------1 TBS

    Home grown dried Cayenne Pepper------------------2 TBS

    Mustard Seed------------------------------------------------1 TBS

    Fennel Seed (slightly crushed)--------------------------1 TBS

    Italian Seasoning--------------------------------------------1 1/2 tsp

    Garlic Powder------------------------------------------------2 tsp

    Onion Powder------------------------------------------------1 tsp

    Any amounts of the ingredients above can change to suit your tastes, except the TQ


    Now spread your ground meat out in whatever you're going to mix it in. 

    I used 10 lbs of 80/20 ground chuck.
    Incorporate Mix # 1 with Mix #2 together, and pour it over all of your ground meat.

    Now Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix, until you're sure it's mixed as well as possible.

    Cover the meat in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight.

    Day # 2

    Pulled the meat out and got the rack ready and the Jerky cannon with the 1/2 inch tube.  Prior to use, I spray the inside of the Jerky Cannon and the tube with cooking spray to make things slide a bit easier.



    Here is the meat


    Here is the Jerky Cannon


    Here I am squeezing out sticks.  The cannon packs the meat together and puts out a nice stick.

    OK - I did get a second person in to take the photo...


    I got 15 of the 1/2 inch sticks from one load in the cannon (it holds between 1.5-2 lbs)

    I made about 6 lbs using the 1/2 inch tube, then decided to try the 3/4 inch tube and see what the difference was

    Not much difference in making the sticks, except they are larger.  These have been sprinkled with my rub mix to add some more flavor.

    It took me 6 loads on the cannon to do 10 lbs of meat.  Bottom line:  The cannon is easier to handle and in making sticks, especially with one person.  The main difference from using a regular stuffer is how many times you have to reload.  I have an 11 lb stuffer and could have done it all in one load.  But, with the stuffer, I have the extra handling to transfer the stick to the rack. With the cannon, I extrude the sticks right on the rack.

    All in all, I liked using the Cannon better than a regular sausage stuffer.  It was more convenient for me. (and easier to clean - being smaller)

    All these went back into the fridge (uncovered) for the next night.

    Day # 3

    Fired up my Memphis Elite with 100% Hickory pellets on one side and an Apple/Oak mixture on the other side.  Why apple?  I had it in there from a previous smoke and was too lazy to change - no other reason!

    I set it to 180 degrees (the lowest it will go - it does not get as low as the MES Mule was using.

    Here we are all loaded up

    Half with rub and half without.

    4 hours later, they have all gotten to 160 IT and I pulled them.  Into an Ice water bath to quickly cook them down (except for a few "samples" for me and the wife)

    The 1/2 inch sticks

    close up on 1/2 inch sticks

    the 3/4 inch sticks

    (these had rub on the top side, there is one that turned over so you see the bottom)

    Taste Testing:

    1.  Both sizes taste great.  The 3/4 inch seem a bit juicer - closer to the unstuffed beef logs.  The 1/2 inch are very much like regular snack sticks you can get in the store (but better!)

    2.  I still get a slightly bark like outer harder surface, so who needs casings?

    3.  The rubbed sticks had more flavor than the un-rubbed sticks (both were good).


    1.  If you have one, a Jerky Cannon is a lot more convenient for making snack sticks than a sausage stuffer.

    2.  I preferred the 1/2 inch size with rub.
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  2. That looks GREAT!Thanks for sharing.

    They are going to taste so good.

    Happy smoken.

  3. webowabo

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    I dont have a sausage stuffer yet.. but thw jerky gun I have used many times.. its PITA sometimes to reload forbthat amount... but in the long run worth it. And, you can do it by yourself. . KeY!
  4. jsdspif

    jsdspif Meat Mopper

    That's how I make mine but I only make about a pound or so . When I make them quite spicy I call them atomic cat turds . The only problem is I usually eat all of them as soon as they're done .
  5. Thanks - had one today - great!
  6. The easiest reloading I have found is to take all my meat and roll it into 6-inch, 1.5-2 inch diameter logs by hand up front.  Then, I take the back off and drop in several of the logs - they are small enough to slide right in.  Then I use a piece of 1.5 inch wooden dowel (or a pusher stick from a meat grinder) to compact them.
    Yeah - when I made just a pound or so, they were all gone that day - or maybe the day after, so I went for a larger batch to have them for a while!
  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking sticks! We use the jerky fun to do ours too. Really like the caseless sticks!
  8. woodcutter

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    Those look very nice!
  9. disco

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    Great looking sticks and interesting technique. Thanks.

  10. Do you like the 1/2" or 3/4" better? I made 3/8" and 3/4" They both have their plus's. I think I like the 3/4" the best. It is a balance of bite and flavor.

  11. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

  12. That is a hard one.  You are right - there is a real balance between bite and flavor.  I guess I haven't eaten enough to make up my mind - I am slightly leaning towards the 1/2", but I like the 3/4" a lot.  Maybe just have to make both!

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