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  1. So I've been reading about UDSs a lot over the past few months and decided to build one.  I was able to find some new barrels on craigslist that hadn't been used but had a brown lining in it.  Picked up a couple of them, then found a donor weber for $10.  Wife got a few pallets from work and I did two burns then a bunch of cleanup with a flap disc on my grinder. 


    First Burn                                           Still going two hours later.             Second burn later that week.

    Fire basket- I picked up two 12x24 pieces of expanded and used the donor Weber charcoal grate as the bottom.  I used some 1/4" threaded rod, cut them to 4" lengths and made some legs.  The washers I bought were too small in diameter so I used some sheet metal to make some "washers" so the nuts had something to grip onto.  

    The inlaws got us a firepit for Christmas and it had a BBQ grate that was the perfect size.  Still have the donor Weber grate (not in great condition) that I will install lower at another time.  I used 1/4"x2" stainless steel hardware to mount grate into UDS.

    After the good burns and grinding away I sprayed the inside with veggie oil spray and dumped a bag of lump into it and let her run wide open (hadn't installed intake pipes yet) for about 10 hours with some hickory chunks.

    Here I have the 3/4" ball valve installed and the other pipes are also installed.  The step drill bit I was using was getting dull and I actually made this hole a little too big so I had to weld it closed to seal it up.  

    I did a test run last night with a little charcoal I received when I bought one of the donor grills but it wasn't enough to play with temps.  It was also some cheap stuff and I didn't realize it was self light (had fluid on it).  

    I put two chickens in brine yesterday and just fired her up.  Having a hard time getting temps up right now but I'll play with it and figure her out. More to come.  
  2. Got the thermometer installed and some food on the grates.  


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