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  1. Hey guys,

    So now that I have the missus hooked on smokin, she's got high hopes for Christmas dinner.  She's asking for a turducken.  So I'm curious if it's possible to smoke it.  From what I gather, it would take a long smoke but in order to cook the bird(s) effectively without turning the outside to leather, I'd have to cook it low.  Which means that the meat would spend too much time in the danger zone.  

    Unless I'm mistaken, I was thinking maybe bring it to above 140* then throw it int he smoker.  However, I've read somewhere that most meats don't readily accept the smoke flavor once they have gone above 140*. It must be true I read it on the internet.

    Another thought I had was to smoke it for a couple of hours then throw it into the oven to finish it off. But I've heard people having problems with getting smoke into the center bird.

    The last thought I came up with was to get the individual birds deboned from the butcher, smoke them individually, then wrap and stuff them (stuff then wrap?) to finish in the oven if needed. 

    I'm thinking mesquite or hickory for smoke flavor profiel, but not sure which method would work better.  Anyone have pointers for this smoking newbie?
  2. A smoker is just an oven that smokes. Whatever temperature you would use in the oven is safe to use a smoker at. Fallow the directions on the label and don't tell the bird that it is really in a smoker.

    Happy smoken.

  3. muttt

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    Turduken are just fine ....... if you happen to love duck.  I thought I turduken would be great.  But, forgot I don't like duck.  Thought wrapping the duck in chicken and turkey would make the duck taste better ........ nope.
  4. Bacon is the duct tape of food. 

    Have you tried duck wrapped in bacon in chicken wrapped in bacon in a turkey wrapped in bacon? [​IMG]
  5. muttt

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    Ahhh that's so funny.  So if we are going to think along those lines.  What if you wrapped a duck in bacon and smoked it ..... then stick it inside a bacon wrapped chicken and smoke the chicken ........ then stick it in a bacon wrapped turkey and smoke the turkey.  OH wait ..... I've gone too far haven't I????

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