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  1. bbq-buckeye

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    I'm gonna try to attempt pulled pork for the Super Bowl last attempt I used a pork roast it didn't come out that great it didn't pull like it was supposed too but the flavor was great
  2. I would imagine a roast would pull the same a butt. As long as the internal temp was 195 - 205. 
  3. I always go with a picnic, bone-in, seems to have more flavor. Smoked around 225 for 12 hours. I leave the skin on and placed down to insulate the meat. Don't pull it out until you can stab it with a fork and do a full twist without any resistance. I like to dry rub and spray with apple cider vinegar every few hours. Turns out moist and delicious every time.
  4. johnnie walker

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    Like Haughtcm, said. The internal temp needs to be at least 195* (preferably 205* IT) for it to pull apart good.
  5. raastros2

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    usually 1-1/2 to 2 hours/pound

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