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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mballi3011, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Then a package arrives at the door and it's from my new buddy NavyJeremy and his part of our exchange except this ones from Italy I have some new really cool stuff like some real olive oil and some stuffed olives and then some pasta to go along with it all. The olives are stuffed one with some red chilli peppers and the other with some sun dried tomatoes YumO. Now the pasta I think it is some red pepper linguine cause all the writing is in Italian. So tonights dinner is gonna be some nice pasta topped with a fresh spinach pesto an olive topinade. Q-view to follow later. I'm sure it will be really good too

    Then I'm told we had some need for some more stuff in the freezer. So a couple of butts made their way out and starting to get ready for the smoker and grinder. We have one being rubbed with the Gates Rub (Yo Jay "theDude" I'm out) and sent to bed in the refrig. That rub is the bomb with anything pork too.

    Then I need some more sausage for I try to keep some fresh made sausage in stock plus I get to play with all my new toys. Hey It works for me. So we grind up some pork for some andouille with the recipe from Rytec's bible book. I really think this should be called onions sausage cause it called for 2 large onions ( I halfed it) and other spices. So thats grounded, mixed and stuffed into casings. I tried some sheep casings (small ones) for the wife didn't care for the fresh hog casings (too tough) so the sheep are really soft and really hard to get on the horn. With blow outs everywhere and it getting frustrating I when back to the hog casings. They worked out alot better for the beginner that I am.

    So then it's all in their owns smokers. I got a hot plate for the GOSM and let me tell you it worked out great able to hold really low temps and have smoke at 100* too. So they started at about 100 for an hour and then to 110* with smoke and worked it's way to 170* and the finish at 156*. Then the butts in it's owns smoker the Vault 24" and going along just fine. It foiled at 165 and takin to 205 then pulled out for a rest in the cooler and then pulled and soon to be pakaged.

    Sorry picture is after alnight in the refrig. I really don't think I will be using this sausage recipe again for it's really strong onion and not very spicey at all. I double checked the recipe for I thought it would be heavy on the onions. But it's not something I would do again but thats why we are here to live and learn. Both butt an sausage were treated to some new wood that I was given to me to try some Pear wood that the guy that owns the propane company that I'm slowly making wealthy gave me. The butt is really good to with some of the sauce that Jerry gave me the recipe for. The Carolina Gold that he serves at the camp.

    Well thanks for looking and enjoying my weekend smoke and overall fun.
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    Nice looking grub, always great when you need room in the freezer so you have to end up smoking something...darn, what a shame for you [​IMG]

    Nice exchange with Jeremy, were those olives as big as they looked in the picture?
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    That looks tasty [​IMG]
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    nice Q !!!!!!!!
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    Looks like you were a busy man this weekend. Great looking stuff you got in the exchange too.

    [​IMG] for a busy weekend.

    Now as far as the Gates rub is concerned...I was at the store a couple of days ago and they didn't have any. I'm hoping they were just out of stock. But they haven't had my favorite JB Fatboys All Purpose rub either. So I hope they're not scaling back on what they stock or I'll have to find a new source. If I get some more of the Gates I'll try to remember to grab you some.
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    The picture is almost life size there Dave. The olives are about the size of big marbles or maybe just little bigger then a nickel. Man Jay I hope you can find some of that Gates Rub it is the bomb and the fat boy rub is really good too. Thats just about way things go around me if I like it they quit making it.
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    Great Looking Que...[​IMG]

    Nice exchange also...

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