Another question for PID install or rewire om MES

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  1. For those of you that installed a PID or did a rewire on your MES, did ya'll bypass the thermo relay that is installed on the right side (if your looking at the back of the MES with the back cover off) or just leave in it?  Does anyone know the temp that it trips at?  Thinking I'm going to leave it in. 

  2. Also does anyone have a picture of the way they installed the TC.  The one that I got from Auber (K type thermocouple 4"probe  TC-K3MM) might be to long.  I don't mind the 4'' that goes into the smoker but the end that sticks out the back might have problems with the hard bend once the back cover goes back on..  Thanks
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    If the PID controls the power to the element, I think you will have to install it in line of the heating element as to not interupt the power to the existing controller. That way all settings still work as normal..


    In my profile is a modification to the MES 30... Installing a dimmer switch to control the heating element output... I am not sure but I believe the PID should be installed in the same location as the dimmer...

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