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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokin lou, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. smokin lou

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    Please bear with me, this is a little long.

    I have been smoking for quite a few years. I started out with one of those Masterbuilt 7 in 1 smokers. I used to throw a butt on at about 6am and it would be ready about 5pm. I didn't have a theremometer at the time, (I hadent yet discovered this forum) so everything was done by "How it looked). The smoker was kept in the mid range, but it was hard to regulate the temperature, so I think the temp got higher than it was supposed to. The pork came out very good.

    Fast foward to now, I have picked up an MES. I have tried to take the advice on this forum and set the smoker to 200-225. I use a probe thermometer in the meat.

    I have had to put the pork on at about 8pm (7-8 lb butt). In the morning when I get up (6am), it is sitting in the plateau (about 160) and usually stays there until noon. It usually hits 195-200 about 4-5 pm. 20 hours seem a little excessive to me.

    So, my question is, if I set my smoker higher, say 250 deg, can I put a butt on at 6am and have it ready to eat by 6pm? Anyone have any luck cooking butts in 10-11 hours?
  2. blackhawk19

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    Have you checked the thermometer for the unit?
  3. fatback joe

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    I smoke around the 250 to 270 range and generally get a butt done in about an hour per pound (not counting resting in the cooler at the end). Granted some are stubborn and take a little longer, but I usually plan on 1 hour per pound with guestimating my finishing time.

    Also, I find that I am happier with the result at those temps then I am with the 225 target.

    As a very experienced cooker and living legend (in Peace, Love, and BBQ book) once told me............1 hour per pound is your goal, your job is to find the temperature that meets that.

    Bump the heat up

    Edit - - and like Blackhawk suggested make sure your temp guage is accurate
  4. smokin lou

    smokin lou Fire Starter

    Thanks Joe, thats what I wanted to hear. I have a butt defrosting in the fridge that I am planning to smoke in a few days. I will try this.

    Edit in: I did put an oven thermometer in the smoker and it was right on with the smoker setting.
  5. smokin lou

    smokin lou Fire Starter

    I have also seen where some of you foil the pork at 160 deg. Does this speed up the cooking process?
  6. fatback joe

    fatback joe Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I believe the reason that most people do it is to retain the moisure, but yes it does speed up the process, a wrapped butt with finish quicker than an unwrapped butt.
  7. billyq

    billyq Smoking Fanatic

    It seems to me that every smoke is different. Sometimes the butts cruise roght through the plateau, and other times they stall for 3 to 4 hours. My advice would be to give yourself enough time so yuo know you'll have it ready when you need it. It's jus one of the mysteries of 'Q.
  8. walking dude

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    exactly billy q.......each peice of meat is different

    i just did a butt last weekend.........

    i went with the 1.6 hours/lb............and it was spot on........put it in at 9am, and reached 195 bout 6:30.......took it off.....tented it for a 1/2 hour..........and it pulled perfectly.........smokebuzz was even there when we took it out from tenting......seeing how we had never pulled one before........his help was greatly appreciated

  9. Your statement about it tasting good only proves what some of the SMF people have told me. Even when our hobby goes wrong, it still tastes good.

    Good luck John C.

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