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    Wagshal's market/deli on Mass. Ave in Spring Valley is absolutely AWESOME. I had heard they sold fresh sausage casings so stopped in when I was driving through the area yesterday. OH MY DEAR SWEET LAWD!!! The meats in the butcher case were absolutely gorgeous. All prime + beef and whatever the pork equivalent is. Also poultry, lamb and some exotic meats. Dry aged filets with the most beautiful marbling I've ever seen. IN A FILET!!!! They were cut about 2.5" thick. I nearly passed out. 7 bone PRIME rib roasts looked even better. Also dry aged. When I saw the prices, I DID pass out, but I gotta say if I could swing it it would most likely be worth it. $29.99 a pound was about average for most, the prime rib and filets were closer to $40 if I remember correctly. Plus they had all manner of sausages and other specialty items. They had a whole display of Stubbs' sauces, but the only charcoal they had was some brand of natural lump I'd never seen before. There were also a bunch of food service (not for resale) bags of lump stacked in a corner, so I'm guessing they do their own smoking as well. Don't even get me started on the seafood counter. There was a bowl in the case containing nearly golf ball sized lumps of crabmeat. (if you're familiar with Mid Atlantic Blue crabs you'll know this is rare and EXPENSIVE) I didn't look to see if it was Dungeness or Blue, but given the area I assumed it was Blue. I didn't bother to check on the price. I'd guess somewhere north of $40 a pound. Again, probably worth it, but not in the cards for me right now.

    I didn't make it to the deli counter, but they're supposed to have fantastic deli meats and sandwiches. I'll leave that for another day.

    I did get my sausage casings. 32mm Natural hog casings, pre soaked/rinsed at the bargain price of $29.99 per pound. I asked the guy for enough for 10 lbs of sausage. It was $4.80. A little more than I've paid at the Amish market, but this place is closer and open every day. By the way, after stuffing all the Bratwurst I made last night, I had about 6" of casing left over. And about a quarter pound of sausage left in the stuffer or, almost exactly enough for one more 6" link. I'm guessing the butcher had a little experience making sausage :)

    In closing, if you're in the area stop by and check this place out. It ain't cheap but worth it to see a genuine old time neighborhood market with an honest-to-goodness butcher.

    (I have no affiliation, just was really impressed with the place)
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    That sounds like a great market and more and more are dwindling down.  Prices are relative to the area, and in DC I'm sure it is affordable for the kind of folks that shop there consistently.  I was forunate to work in a small, old meat market on an old, very distinguished part of town that was frequented by 'old money'-type customers; the founding generation of the city and descendants for a few years, got to know a lot of people.  It was all prime cut trade.  Very little was ever purchased from the little 6' counter; it all was custom-cut and no one ever asked what the price was, they didn't care if it was good meat.  Great you made the post here so that others can support them too to keep them in business!  Thank you!

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