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  1. Greetings folks!

    My name is Jack and I'm in Columbus Ohio.

    I'm fairly adept at flavor smoking, but I've not yet gotten into the 10+ hour full smoke yet.  I've been using my first smoker that I got for my wedding which is the CharBroil American Gourmet Deluxe.  It's had a good life but the time has come to replace it.  I found this place while looking for feedback on the Brinkmann Trailmaster grills and am really glad I did.  Now if only I could decide on which one I want.. 
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  2. Welcome to the group. Doesn't hurt to go a little bigger then you normally need room for. Never know when you are going to need the room and then don't have it. My last smoker only held 3 slabs of BB's so I made a bigger one. It's 65" X24" with 2 racks. Have used it for ribs and just did a whole pig at 2 briskets all at the same time. Still have the small one but love the big one. Got tired of watching 2 cookers with bigger groups. Good luck and hope you find the one to fit your needs.
  3. Hello Jack and good morning, welcome to SMF

    Gary S

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