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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by pharmdog, May 5, 2015.

  1. pharmdog

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    I started smoking meat about 2 years ago with a propane smoker.  I hated the soot all over my stuff and my smoker rusted out around the burner like all gas smokers and grills do.  After a lot of reading and talking to another guy who's been smoking for a long time I decided on a Green Mountain Grill.  I've had it only a couple of weeks but so far I really like it.  I've done a pork butt, beer can chicken, and lamb burgers and they've turned out pretty good.  I especially liked starting the smoker at 5:30 in the morning, putting on the meat and being able to go back to bed for a while.  I'm still using the Green Mountain pellets that I bought with the smoker and just got a pack of Mojobricks for my next big smoke.  Are there any tips that you experienced guys can throw my way?  Thanks. 
  2. seenred

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    Congrats on the new pellet cooker! Lots of happy GMG owners around here...maybe some of them will stop by and offer some tips. They pretty easy to use...almost idiot proof. One thing lots of guys will do is add a tube smoker or other smoke generator to add extra smoke to their cooks.

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    Hey, congrats on the GMG. I have a Daniel Boone & I really like it, it's by far my go to smoker. Only real tip I can think of right off is if your using the heat/wind shields, when removing to clean out the fire pot, at least with my DB... make sure ya don't get them reversed when putting them back in as the smoker will not run right. Also as Red mentioned on the additional smoke if needed. My DB puts just the right amount of smoke taste for the fam, so I don't use any supplemental smoke !

    Enjoy the new Q toy & post some pics if ya get a chance the next time ya fire it up...
  4. pharmdog

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    Thanks Red, I've bought a bag of Mojobricks to try for some extra smoke, read good things about them.
  5. pharmdog

    pharmdog Newbie

    Thank you.  After reading on this site for a day I thought maybe I went wrong with the extra money for the GMG.  Seems a lot of guys have the Char Griller from Lowes.  I've got the the DB also.  The hardest part about is so far was getting the darn grease tray put in right.  Do you have the wi fi on yours?  I'm getting ready to call the app people as when my phone goes to screen saver the app loses connection.  The wi fi says it's on the network but no temps getting transmitted.
  6. waterinholebrew

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    I don't have the wifi model, so can't be of help there ! I have a Mav & I grill 2 to track temps !
  7. I have the GMG Jim Bowie (JB) and did a few mods to it.  

    1. put a toggle switch on the low pellet alarm. Nothing like waking the neighbors up at 2am when it goes off.  

    2. Got a Home Depot Bucket Head vacuum ($20).  This allows me to quickly vacuum one type of pellet out of the hopper and straight into a 5gal bucket.  Handy for switching for different flavors.

    I played with the heat shields to where I got +/- 10 degress from left to right.  I also added a 3in elbox pipe to extended the smoke stack down to the grill, which helps with temp swings.
  8. I just wanted to add one more little mod that I made.  I have problem of the drip bucket overflowing, especial when I have lots to cook or have an extra juicy brisket.

    I took a wide mouth bottom funnel that I picked up at an auto parts store, some tubing that fit around the funnel spout, some wire and a milk jug.

    Now I only need to change the milk jug out when full.

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