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  1. So. After getting my 5lb cabelas vertical sausage stuffer and realizing I needed a 3/8" tube for snack sticks I decided to go another route. I noticed cabelas had the 9# Dakotah stuffer for the same price and included that 3/8" horn. I drive 2 hours to cabelas and exchanged. Drove 2 hours home ready to get my snack sticks going, and once again no 3/8" tube. Apparently cabelas put the wrong size in the description. Not only that but the stuffer itself wouldn't even fit my faucet even with the $25 hose kit. So now I have seasoned and mixed meat vacuum packed in the freezer waiting for me to get a new stuffer. Cabelas is sending me a prepaid postage for me to send it back for a refund. I guess maybe go with the LEM 5#? At least I know I can get the 3/8" horn for that. Does anybody stuff with good grinders? I have been kicking around the idea of getting the 1hp cabelas grinder which I think could do a pretty good job stuffing? And input would be great.
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    Using a grinder to stuff is not a good idea,meat gets heated up to much.It is faster doing it with a Jerky Canon then the grinder IMHO

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    Sorry to hear. With the Dakotah you need the adapter that is threaded on one end for your faucet and the other for the hose end.

    Grinders are made for grinding, however if you have the cyclone stuffing horn with the metal end it will work with the grinder. The plastic horn is cone shape with an auger that fits inside, this auger snaps to the square end of your grinder auger thus rotates the meat into the plastic auger and into the metal tube. WHEW that was allot lol.

    Get the LEM 5LB and the metal LEM tube for sticks.

    Did you drive all the way to Hamburg, PA? I used to work at that Cabelas in the processing (camping) dept.
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  4. I drove to the wheeling WV store
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    Sorry to hear about that.

    The LEM is a great stuffer.

    Using a grinder to stuff kinda sucks, IMHO, but I know a lot of guys do it.

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