Another green chili meat loaf.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 12ring, Sep 22, 2013.

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    So I saw a post by Fester a week or so ago and he made a green chili meatloaf. My wife, father in law and mother in law just happen to be peeling a fresh batch of roasted green chili at the time so I decided to steal his idea. I hope it turns out half as good as his looked. Thanks for the idea Fester.

    Its been on the smoker for about 2 hrs now at around 260-275 and the IT is 150. I'll probably go for an IT of 155 then crank it up high to really crisp up the bacon if it looks like it needs it. If not, I'll let it roll like it is until IT of 160.

    Finished pics shortly.

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    Holy smokes this chili is hot. We always get hot chili each year and sometimes even extra hot. You never really know how hot it will be until you try it. Well this year we got hot and that's an under statement. This should definitely be rated as "extra hot" or just name it "ridiculous hot." It came out really good but gonna pay for it tomorrow.
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    Forgot the pics on the last one.

  4. I would eat that, no problem. I love the heat.

    [​IMG]                 [​IMG]                   [​IMG]
  5. Love heat! Looks awesome
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    Nice job!!!

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