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Discussion in 'Pork' started by meyerbbq, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Hey guys, 

    Stopped over at my butcher saturday and picked up a beautiful rack of loin backs, these were gorgeous looking ribs that didn't have a ton of loin meat sitting on top of the ribs at one end like my local grocery store sells them. 

    I coated the ribs in Smokin Guns Hot rub for about 24 hrs in the fridge. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day (when I started my cooker).... then the wind set in. We were getting wind gusts up to 40 MPH which made it very hard to control temps on my Ceramic smoker, I thought about pulling the car over in the driveway and getting the smoker behind it to block the wind but I finally got a handle on the temps. 

    These ribs took about 4.5 hrs @250*-270* (because of wind, I usually like to stay around 250*) 

    Enough chit chat, here's the final product. Sorry there isn't more pictures, these were just too good to stop and admire lol :) 
  2. You need to build a 'Smoking Shed'.  [​IMG]

    Those ribs look mighty good!
  3. meyerbbq

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    Thanks Daniel, I was thinking of trying to rig up two big pieces of cardboard to create a barrier around my smoker. I have a party Q from BBQ Guru, but that thing was very hard to handle first time I used it so I haven't used it since.
  4. I was sort of joking with the comment about building a shed but it does make a huge difference for me.  I have a 30'x50' shed and I do my smoking there now.  (I started there, moved outside to our patio, and ended up back in the shed.)

    The shed cuts down on the wind of course and eliminates a lot of the temperature fluctuation.  It also lets me run my smoker every day of the year no matter what the weather is like.  January in Iowa is a bit of a challenge for smoking outside and our shade trees are way too small for standing out by the smoker in August.  I just put up the overhead door(s) and open the windows when it's hot or keep things closed up when it's cold and the shed smells wonderful for days after a smoke.  (There's a ridge vent on the roof so I don't get carbon monoxide poisoning.)
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    Nice job on the ribs!

    They look great!

  6. meyerbbq

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    I didn't even notice you were from Iowa, I'm in Marshalltown, about an hr from Des Moines. 

    I wish I had a shack like that! 
    Thanks Al! 
  7. I'm about 1/2 an hour south of West Des Moines just off I-35 near New Virginia.  Nice to meet you! [​IMG]
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    If you ever get a chance, stop by B&B grocery in Des Moines, its a old school full butcher shop! Guy there is super friendly and will cut you amazing deals. 
  9. There's ANOTHER reason to go to B&B!!!  I've never been there but I've heard they have sort of a deli that's amazing.  I'm in West Des Moines 5 days a week so I'll have to go to B&B.


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