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  1. Been making snack sticks for a while and been keeping them in the frig over night after putting in the cure (#1) and stuffing.  Thought I read somewhere that I could just put the snack sticks in the smoker right after putting in the cure and stuffing.  Is this right?  If not correct what would be the curing time for this.  I know there could be lots of variables in the curing time but just a ball park number like "over night' or time it takes to drink a 6-pack, lol

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    I generally let them sit overnight, or if daytime @ 2-3 12 packs. LOL
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    I have always left them in the refrig overnight. I haven't seen it anywhere that you can smoke them right after curing.
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    I think I might have heard that before too, but I don't remember where.

    I always give them over night.

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    If you want to speed up the curing process you can add ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.  Like many commercial producers do. 

    Without these additional chemicals the pink color needs time to develop. 

    According to Marianski you can do the following for ground meat sausages. 

    You can cure at a higher temperature before stuffing.  Grind the meat, add salt and Cure 1.  Pack tightly into containers, cover with cloth and allow to sit at room temp (68-71 degrees) for 3-4 hrs.  Then add spices and stuff

    You can grind, mix salt, cure 1 and spices and stuff sausages.  Hang at room temp for 2 hrs before smoking.

    At 40 degrees you need 24 to 36 hours to cure ground meat depending on the plate size used.

    His contention is that you do not need the extra time between adding cure, seasoning, stuffing and smoking.  You will not get proper color set and taste development but you shouldn't have any problems with spoilage.
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    I mix, stuff and right into the smoker.
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    This is from the Butcher and Packer Site...
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    Great info there Paul!!


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