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  1. I'll keep this one relatively simple.

    Couple of butts rubbed with a great rub. I'm going to suck up to the site here for a minute and suggest you check out Jeff's rub.

    I rubbed them the night before, placed them on a wire rack in a sheet pan and let them rest open-air in my secondary fridge. Started getting the smoker teed up around 6AM and had these puppies in there before 7. You can see the hatches from sitting on the the rack there.

    225 for 11 hours till they were at 195

    Roughed them up a little for the glamour shot so you can see them coming apart

    Squeezed just a little harder

    Full pull

    Splash of finishing sauce to embed some in the meat

    A gentle toss to evenly distribute

    Who's hungry?

    I like to share recipes so here is the finishing sauce I think I'm going to stick with for some time. I will refrain from putting my name on it, that seems to not go over well here for some reason. But, I have been using a Piedmont sauce for some years now that I really love and decided to tweak it a bit. I'm enjoying calling it "insert cooks name here: C'Ville Sauce" after the little city we call home here in Central Virginia, Charlottesville (Folks in the city refer to it as C'Ville for short). We are in the Piedmont of Virginia so the base sauce is apropos for my region.

    Here it is:

    1 ½ cup cider vinegar

    ½ cup ketchup

    ½ cup water

    1 tablespoon brown sugar

    1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt

    1 teaspoon Texas Pete hot sauce

    *Louisiana or Crystal or generic sauce would also work. I would NOT use Franks or Tabasco in this. I keep both of those in my stash but they are for different foods in my kitchen, not “Q”.

    1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

    ½ teaspoon garlic powder (I have granulated garlic these days, I like that better)

    ½ teaspoon onion powder

    ½ teaspoon dry mustard powder

    ¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

    Put all ingredients in a mixing dish (I use Pyrex measuring cups) EXCEPT vinegar, ketchup and water.

    Add a little water and whisk (I prefer a small wire whisk) until all the dry ingredients are well blended.

    Add the rest of the water, ketchup and vinegar and whisk until blended

    Let rest at room temperature and whisk periodically until all is dissolved.

    Optional: I like to put the sauce in the pyrex cup in the microwave at this point and blast on high for 1 minute (cover just in case it spits a bit), then whisk. I think a little heat helps to blend and activates the dry ingredients better.

    No need to boil or put this sauce in a pan on the stove.

    You can cut this in half if you dont need so much.

    My addition to the Piedmont sauce I have had in my cookbook for years was the Hot sauce, Worcestershire and the three powders. Of course I had to adjust the method to better accommodate the powders so they would dissolve/integrate well.

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  2. lancep

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    Holy crap we just made the same thing! I didn't put Worcestershire in my dip but it's pretty close to yours. I'm recreating a stop at Little Richards in Mt Airy, NC with shoulder, hush puppies and vinegar slaw. Happy eating!!!
  3. b-one

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    Looks tasty,I'll take two sammie's extra bark please!:drool
  4. jp61

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    Nice job! The PP looks great!
  5. garyhibbert

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    Those butts turned out really nice.  The PP looks great.

    Great job.   [​IMG]

  6. smokinal

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    The PP looks amazing!

    Perfectly done, nice bark!

    Thank you for sharing your finishing sauce.


  7. Awesome Lance! Yea, I have found most ingredients are the same across the standard base sauce world until you get in to those super complex ones with a gazillion ingredients and steps like my "Mustard Option" thread which oddly got zero replies. That's a more complex sauce but well worth it. It's pushed down the thread list here, but if you don't have a recipe like that you should copy it and save it to try sometime.

    My wife loves hush-puppies. Thanks for reminding me. I have a bag of House Autry hush-puppy mix sealed up in the back of the fridge I keep forgetting about. I step on it with serious green onions for her. I keep twin deep fryers teed up most of the time out in the garage! I'm not as big a fan of hush-puppies, I'll eat them but I'm one of those weird guys that doesn't really care for cornbread either...even more weird is I love a tamale and polenta too...go figure.

    Ah yes, the vinegar slaw. Also my wife's favorite. She's partial to Lexington Q and the red slaw. I usually make two slaws, the red vinegary style for her and the old fashioned creamy style for me, but I also never put slaw on my Q fact I don't eat Q in a sandwich! She does the traditional sandwich with slaw and I do weird stuff like eat the Q with my fingers or this time of year my garden is pumpin' so I love to take a big lettuce leaf, wrap up some Q and shove it in my face!
    Thanks JP!
    You got it! You just have to come to Central VA to get it! Might have to catch me while I'm not looking to get my bark though! I pull that off and keep separate...thankfully my wife doesn't care for it!
    Thanks Gary! Love the signature...I live vicariously through other peoples dogs. I love dogs, just hate putting them down...done with that...
    Right-on SmokinAL. Coming from an Order of The Blue Smoke member like you and Gary...always taken with respect.
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  8. garyhibbert

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    Somehow I missed your mustard option thread, so I just finished checking it out.  The rub looks like it would be great on a ham, and I will probably give it a try on the next double smoked ham I do. Have you tried this rub on anything else??  Nice to see a rub that isn't spicy hot, as Miss Linda just does NOT do hot.

  9. That's some nice looking Pulled Pork,   Well Done !!     [​IMG]

  10. lancep

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    Well since my 14 yo daughter has developed an affinity for mustard sauce, I will probably be trying the mustard option very soon. I'm pretty sure she's going to drain the last of what I have when she gets home from practice today.
  11. Thanks Gary S!

    Gary H,

    I have also used the mustard rub AND sauce on Country style ribs. (CSR's for those not in a region where they label these as such, are simply pork shoulder or butts that are cut/sawn in to linear pieces similar to the shape of or a rib). Both would be good on anything I think...OK...maybe beef would be weird...

    And Lance,

    I could eat the sauce off of a napkin and be happy!
  12. disco

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    Great post and recipe. Points!

  13. Thanks Disco![​IMG]
  14. They look really good.
  15. redheelerdog

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    K-Dude, the PP looks awesome! Thanks for the sauce recipe.


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