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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by brunomax, May 15, 2008.

  1. brunomax

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    Hello from NW Ohio. Yes I'm another huge Buckeye fan. I'm from NW Ohio around Lima. I've been smoking using the Big Green Egg now for about 5 years. Gotta love the BGE. Here lately I've been making a bunch of pulled pork for my son's graduation party coming up in June. I've been using McClard's rub and sauce and this is mighty tasty. However that is getting way too expensive and I ordered Jeff's rub and sauce recipe last Sunday the 11th.
    I have another butt I'm going to do this weekend. How long after you place your order does it take to receive the recipe in the mail? Thanks for the information and Happy Smoking.

  2. flyin'illini

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    Welcome to the SMF from just north of you. Sounds like you are well on your way. The rub recipe comes in a few minutes a via a link to download a PDF. I am not familiar with what you are using but many here use Jeff's rub as well as SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. (see sticky in pork section)
  3. ddave

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    Welcome to SMF. Lots of great people here. Very friendly and willing to answer questions.

  4. kratzx4

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    Welcome from SW Ohio (cincy). you are going to like it here. I've spent quite a few months in the Lima area on work assignments.
  5. jasandalb

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    GO BUCKS!!!

    Welcome from Florida...unfortunately I live deep in the heart of Gator Country...and my wife is a Gator.[​IMG]
  6. fatback joe

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    Welcome to the forum.
  7. richtee

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    Welcome..and send Tulsajeff a PM on the recipe.

    Go BLUE!
  8. waysideranch

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    Welcome, even Buckeye tastes good smoked. Good luck smoking.
  9. cowgirl

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    Welcome Brunomax.....glad to have ya here.[​IMG]
  10. Hey Brunomax, Welcome from one NW Ohio Buckeye fan to another. About 80 miles north of ya in scenic Maumee Oh. You're going to like it here for sure.

  11. nomorecoop

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    Go Bucks!
  12. geob

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    Welcome to the best ever

  13. kookie

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    Welcome to the smf................Lots of great recipes and advice here................
  14. crewcab4x4

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    Welcome aboard. Glad to hear from another person here in OH. I'm about 20-25 min east of marion.

  15. richoso1

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    Welcome to the best smokin' site on Earth, SMF that is.
  16. twistertail

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    Welcome aboard. Great to have another Buckeye fan here.

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