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  1. So guys any help is well appreciated. I am going to be smoking. A brisket tomorrow on my Masterbuilt sportsman 30". Of course on this size smoke there is no way I can get a whole packet brisket on there. So my question is, can I get et good results by separating the point from the flat? I know they cook at different times temps so this is why I'm asking because I do not want a dried piece of meat. Once again thanks for any advice.
  2. I have a mes 30 and when i do a packer brisket i separate the point from the flat rub both and do them on the 2nd and 3rd shelves with a foil pan on the 4th to catch drippings. When they hit the stall i let it ride for up to 2 hours then if it hasnt come up in temp i stack the point on top of the flat in the foil pan and cover with foil. If it gets through the stall i stack and foil at around 180 IT and continue untill the flat is toothpick tender(usually around 200ish IT). We like burnt ends so i make burnt ends from the point while the flat rests but if not i would put the point back in to render a little more fat out of it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was pretty confident on separating but after that I had so many ways I wanted to cook it that I was getting overwhelmed. If you have in foil pan with au jus do you still get good bark? I'll probably do more a Texas rub so mostly S&P and was curious about that?
  4. Dont expect much for bark in a mes 30 no matter what you are smoking. They are too well insulated creating a fairly moist environment
  5. OK thanks! I can't wait to get started on it and this is my first brisket in an actual smoker. I've tried in an oven before with very tough results so let's just say I'm very intimated and anxious for tomorrow's cook.😱
  6. To avoid dissapointment cook to tenderness in the flat rather than temp. A probe or toothpick should slide in with little to no resistance. And be sure to rest it at least an hour. 2 or three hours is even better. Wrapped in foil then placed in a cooler packed with towells it will.stay hot enough to serve for 4 hours
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    I got some decent bark in my mes 30
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  8. That looks great. Any methods to share?
  9. Thanks for all the help and comments guys. Very juicy and the burnt ends were awesome. Now to work on the smoke ring and I'll bee of to the races.
  10. Looks tasty. Happy for your success
  11. Thanks I did exactly like your setup and I loved the results. It actually cooked faster than I thought. I guess being separated helped with that.
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    Great looking brisket and burnt ends!!! Nice job!! [​IMG]
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    I went with a simple rub and low and slow 230 for 12-14 hours pulled at 200 IT hit it with smoke for first 6 hrs even used apple juice in the water pan. 

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