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    I started with a 13.5 lb Full packer Brisket (This Brisket needed very little trimming)

    Also picked up 3 racks of Baby Backs and some Pork & Beans

    Sunday 7-2-07

    5:00 AM  Hit start button on Coffee, Fired up my smoker.

    Used my Weed Burner to get some Royal Oak Charcoal going,  go over my grates and warm up my smoker. After the charcoal was going good I added a nice split of Pecan

    Removed the Brisket from the Cryovac rinsed it off and trimmed it up. (Had to do very little trimming) Seasoned it up and waiting on smoker to come up to temp.

    6:00 AM  -  Brisket on, went ahead and cleaned up and seasoned the Baby Backs and in the fridge. Ahhh  Coffee time !!

    8:00 AM  -  Got the beans ready for the smoker (recipe included)

    9:00 AM   - Beans on

    12:00 PM - Beans off, ribs on, Brisket wrapped and back on.

    3:00 PM  - Wrapped ribs and back on

    5:00 PM  - Unwrapped Ribs back on for a bit

    5:45 PM  - Ribs ready

    6:30 PM -  Brisket still on  (Wish it would hurry up) But !! It’s not ready till it’s ready.

    8:20 PM  - Finally !!!

    Note: If you go back and read my post's on briskets this hit the nail on the head.

    Looking at this brisket I was very happy, good marbling, not to much fat, I thought this is a good brisket. Normally the briskets around that size have been taking about 12 hours. This one took 14.5 so you just can't second guess on time. Don't panic it just ready when it's ready.


    1 - Lg. can 55 oz. Pork and Beans plus 2 reg. cans

    ½ pound of bacon

    1 Lg. onion

    1 – 2 Jalapeño peppers

    1 ½ - Cups brown sugar

    1 ½ to 2 cups (Favorite BBQ sauce) Sweet Baby Ray’s is good

    2 – Tb. Worcestershire sauce

    1 – Tb. Black Pepper (coarse ground)   I like a little more

    2 – tsp. garlic powder

    1 – Tb. of Tony’s     Tony Chachere’s 

    Good squirt or drizzle of Honey 

    Salt to taste

    I start by cutting bacon into small pieces and brown till just starting to get crisp. (Not too much)

    Remove bacon, drain most of the grease sweat chopped onion and Jalapeno, till tender and onion is translucent.

    I use Aluminum pans or an iron skillet. Open beans, dump into pan or skillet, add remaining ingredients mix well and taste, add more of any of the ingredients that you think it needs to suit your taste.

    Put on your smoker for 3 to 4 hours   and using a mild , seasoned wood stirring every once in a while)

    I usually sit them under my brisket or butt that has been on for a while.

    Here are a few pics I took along the way

    Brisket Out of the Fridge

    Rinsed, Cleaned, and trimmed 

    Seasoned up and Ready to go

    Ribs cleaned up and ready for deasoning

    All Seasoned up

    Chopped Onion and Jalapeno 

    Browning up the bacon

    Onion and Jalapeno's turn

    All mixed and ready for the smoker

    Beans on under my Brisket

    Beand got 3 hours of Pecan Smoke, in the oven on warm

    Ribs ready to go on

    Here is a shot of the Ribs and Brisket , getting ready to pull and wrap the brisket

    Brisket ready for wrapping

    Sorry I didn't get any pics of the Brisket and ribs wrapped on the smoker, (Got busy)

    Here is the Brisket at 8:30 PM

    A sliced shot

    Good smoke ring nice and moist

    Here is a shot at one of the racks of ribs. I had wrapped it for delivery then unwrapped

    for the pic

    A sliced shot

    And Finally  my plate

    Took some Brisket, Ribs, Tater salad, Cole slaw, Beans and German Choc. Cake to 

    #2 sons house
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  2. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Boring??---No Way!!!

    OMG---Everything looks Fantastic!![​IMG]---[​IMG]

    Your Brisket is always Perfect, but the Ribs are awesome looking too!![​IMG]

    And the Beans---Yummmm.[​IMG]

    Outstanding Job, Gary!![​IMG]

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  3. Thank you Bear, I'll swap you Brisket for PR anytime [​IMG]

  4. I can be a son, please deliver!!!!!! [​IMG]
  5. I would but I have a 5 mile limit  Sorry !!

  6. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I guess it's boring to you Gary, but it looks fantastic to me!

    I'm kinda like you, I tend to smoke the same stuff all the time.

    But it's what we like & I'm sure the same is true for you too!

    Point for making the carousel!

  7. scarps23

    scarps23 Meat Mopper

    That all looks great. I should have read this earlier and I would have used your bean recipe. Got brisket resting and ribs about to go on. Looks like you have the timeline down to a science for everything.

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  8. cksteele

    cksteele Smoking Fanatic

    boring? lol  thats a quality day right there  looks great time well spent nice job [​IMG]
  9. Hey Thanks guys,  And I guess I just take it for granted on Briskets I have cooked a lot of them in 45 years. It's just routine. You probably notice I do all my stuff Old School .

    I have a Maverick, used it twice in the box, in the closet somewhere. Don't get me wrong I like new gadgets but just learned by looks, touch and feel. 

    Thanks again

  10. johnmeyer

    johnmeyer Smoking Fanatic

    I too want to be bored.

    What temp were you waiting for to pull the brisket? 200?
  11. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Gary That meal looks great!! The whole cooking thing seams to get boring at times,but we do what we have to. Points

  12. Thanks Richie, #1 son still in New Jersey, DIL and the girls flew up up to see him.

  13. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Another great looking brisky Gary! I hope mine turns out half as good! 189 IT currently unfortunately I had to put it in foil,need to order butcher paper the wife demands wrapped brisky.
  14. Oh I'm sure it will, don't get hung up on the IT stalling I never pay any attention just part of the process

  15. I don't really shoot for temps on Brisket Looks , touch. and feel  Tooth Pick test  but if I'm checking temps about 200 to 207

    I did check this one when I got it in the house it was 209.

  16. 603smoker

    603smoker Newbie

    That looks great. I hope the brisket I have in MES 40 comes out looking as good as yours.
  17. johnmeyer

    johnmeyer Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks. 200+ degrees it is then

    I've done almost all the "major" smokes, but haven't yet done a brisket. Everyone seems to be posting about brisket the past week, so I guess its' time.
  18. Excited to be doing my first brisket tonight but freaked out about having to start it at 2:30 am so it will be ready for our 4th of July dinner at 4. Never had a grill burning while I slept. Sketchy... Did you stay awake most of the time or just crash and wait for an alarm from tour thermometer?
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  19. griz400

    griz400 Master of the Pit

    very nice bbq, never any better than what you make for yourself and family, cause you exactly your tastes .....[​IMG]  and points

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