Another Big Smoker Build. Updating cook pit intake and exhaust. Advice welcomed.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by killerpits, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I have started another smoker build for another customer. This started with a 1/4" x 24" diameter by 60" long piece of cold rolled pipe. I cut 24" off for the fire pit and welded it offset to the cook pit. Then started my new idea hoping to be able to control temperature and burn rate better. What I did was I raised the 14x7 intake from the fire pit to the cook pit to start about 1" below the rack and extend over the top of the rack with a deflector welded in place to deflect the heat up. Then I cut the exhaust opening 5x5 out about a 1/2" below the rack extending towards the bottom. I really hope this works to make it possible to hold 200 degrees for at least 6 hours with out ever touching the grill during this time and allows for even temp in the pit and no fluctuation of temp more than 5 degrees. I'll be posting the results when I finish. So any ideas or comments are welcomed.

  2. Some new pictures now that I have finished it. I brought the heat into the cook pit high and out of it low. I kept the fresh air to the fire pit lower than the chimney for the cook pit. This is working great since this is a 36" long cook pit it is amazing how this design has allowed me to keep the same temperature all the way across the pit and it burns very little wood. I used 5 logs to start it and get my temp regulated down to 200 then I didn't touch it for 6 hours it never moved off 200 the whole time. I ended up opening the fire pit to check the wood and I added three sticks then closed it and it held 200 for another four hours when I was done smoking on it. Selling this one is going to be hard for me to let it go.


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