Another Batch of Canadian Bacon

Discussion in 'Pork' started by paul catt, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. paul catt

    paul catt Smoke Blower

    Hey Everyone :)

    Its been a while since I posted and thought I would show off my latest batch of bacon

    Here they are after the 17 day soak ..Due to work issues I had to let it soak a few extra days...I use POPS Brine with an extra cup of brown sugar.

    Now for a Test Fry  (one of the best part of making bacon )

    Really Yummy ... I was afraid that it was going to be salty ... but it wasn't   I was real surprised.

    Here they are .. smoked till 145 degrees ..with nothing but maple chips ... first time I have used  maple ..I had heard good things and they seem to be true ...  they are cooling but I really want to cut into one of them lol [​IMG]

  2. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Did you put the cure into Pops Brine?

    Your test fry looks like fried uncured pork, and your finished smoked loins look like plain cooked pork.

    I never saw cured pork look like that.

  3. jsdspif

    jsdspif Meat Mopper

    I was thinking the same thing . It def. looks like something is seriously wrong with that . I've made canadian bacon from pork loin about 50 times and never had any look like that . Makes me think no curing agent was in the brine ??? Wouldn't the meat spoil or would just the salt in the brine ( if using cure #1 or whatever , tenderquick would already have the cure in it ) keep it from spoiling ??
  4. paul catt

    paul catt Smoke Blower

    Yup used the pink salt ... I did forget to turn it but it was under the brine the whole time ....I gave it the smell test before the fry and everything turned out ok.  I was a little worried about it being in there for 17 days instead of my normal 14  

    its packaged and in the freezer now 

    oh  I brush them down with honey too...normally I use hickory or oak and they come out darker...this time I used just maple  that's why I was thinking they were lighter
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  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK---Just wanted to make sure you're safe. Sorry I asked.

    That color just didn't seem right.

    This (below) is what I'm used to seeing when CB gets to 145*IT in the smoker. You can see why I wondered.

    Canadian Bacon fresh out of smoker:



  6. paul catt

    paul catt Smoke Blower

    Don't be sorry for asking ... its what makes the world go around lol   ..Ya this is my 4 batch that I have made .. its by far my largest batch and its the first time its ever came out so light. I assumed it was maple smoke. In the past I have used  hickory  or apple  and such. I also smoked it to 145... it was so juicy that I had a hard time vac sealing it ... of course my vac sealer is about 20 years old lol

    Light or not  the flavor is there  I think next time though I will cut it into smaller hunks ...and another thing ..I need a slicer  and one got a recommendation ?
  7. You actually have about 40 - 45 days in that brine. After that the protein in the meat starts breaking down & it will turn to gummy mush...
    If you are looking for a commercial slicer I would recommend a Hobart if you can find a good deal on a used one - they are a little more expensive but built like a tank. I got a deal on a 1712 for $200 by being patient. If you're not looking for a commercial one then the Chefs Choice 615 is a decent unit.
  8. paul catt

    paul catt Smoke Blower

  9. I don't know anything about the Waring slicer - sorry man. DaveOmak has the 615 & seems really happy with it - here is his thread

    you could try to get hold of him & see about sharpening.
  10. jsdspif

    jsdspif Meat Mopper

    That slicer looks pretty much like mine except mine has the Deni name on it . QVC was having some sort of special on them at the time . I think it might have been ol' Ron P that posted the link . I'm thinking he or someone on here didn't care for theirs but I really like mine . I don't use mine a whole lot but I've sliced plenty of Canadian bacon , some briskets , dried beef , smoked roasts for sandwiches . I guess all cooked stuff . I think the blade stays sharp just about forever unless you run a bone into it or a piece of metal somehow ??? I know mines still pretty sharp and when I wash mine I'm really carefull not to somehow bump anything against the blade ( like my hand / finger ) because I'm sure it would leave a mark . I guess it comes down to how much you'll be using it . If your looking at every day use , no I don't think it's enough but if you're just doing a loin every 2 weeks or something . I think that style is marketed under different names . I think mine was $60 or something . That was quite a few years ago though . Might just keep an eye on that one and maybe check out Gander mountain and others for a sale if you want to save a few bucks . For me it sure beats slicing by hand .
  11. paul catt

    paul catt Smoke Blower

    Hey Smoke

    they sell a blade sharpers attachment for about 30 bucks  so Im pretty much sold on the Chef Choice  615... now just shopping for the best price :)

    Thanks for you 2 cents  and jsdspif too   love these forums
  12. You're quite welcome man  [​IMG]   You'll enjoy having a slicer - they're quite handy...

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