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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by travisb, May 23, 2013.

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    I just tried it from my work computer, and it worked this time!  I even got to download the PDF version of the manual for it.  Looks interesting!

    But I'm pretty spoiled by the AMNPS at this point, and since I've got the airflow bugs worked out for my gen 1 MES, it's just too easy.  It really burns for a nice, long time.

    Still, it's interesting to see another take on a smoke generator.
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    I don't know if I already commented on this, or not, but that's a thing of beauty!!  :)
  3. Thanks to all you guyz, especially Mr. Johnson and everyones friend, Bear! Glad I read and read and read here in the forums. There is so much info to filter through. One of the best quotes that I have seen in any of these forums is " By trial and error you will eventually come up with a method that is successful for you". But I have to thank you and Bear and all the other pros here on SMF for my most recent 2 success's. Here are a few of the last qviews for the family reunion rib smoke. I got phone calls the next day asking how we did the ribs so tender and tasty. I advised the family that the methods used will be in my next book, buy it!  [​IMG]

    I stopped at the home improvement store and for $3.59 got this 3" adjustable elbow vent and did it make a difference in air-flow.


    It's on now!

    I started with the 2 8x8 water in the smoker. The chip loader and tray were out 2". Will try with them both in place next time.

    I later switched to the foil tent and BAM smoke was everywhere, but I think it was the better air-flow that made the most of the AMNPS.

    This was the final result though I never had a chance to put the racks back on for the 3-2-1 method. Next time I will attempt 2-2-1.

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    Looks Great !!! [​IMG]

    I'd be on that with a vengeance!!

  5. Thanks Bear. Now I can try some of the other recipes that I have seen floating around. I really enjoy smoking now!
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    As it turns out the minimum purchase was a 50-lb. bag but that's OK. My wife runs her home daycare out of our house and we have a dirt pit in the backyard which will make a superb repository for play sand. I'm going to put about 10 lbs. worth aside for me and she gets the remainder but a 2nd 50-lb. bag. Cannot wait to use the AMNPS again.  I've got a recipe for pulled beef made from a boneless chuck roast which I believe I might try. That would make for some fabulous smoky beef enchiladas.
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    You have no idea how much easier Todd made smoking--hot or cold--with the AMNPS. You fill it up, ignite the wood pellets, and once you've got it smoking well and placed it inside the smoker, that's it. No more loading wood chips every 20-30 minutes over 4-8 hours.  I had some issues during one period with the AMNPS going out but suggestions from Todd and Bear solved the problem. The last time I used it the AMNPS went out because I underestimated the amount of wood pellets I needed. But it turned out OK because the all wood pellets were burnt up at the same time I needed to wrap my brisket in foil anyway for the rest of the smoking.
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    You can tell the pellets were a complete burn, but the grey color of the ash left behind

    If it's not a complete burn, the pellets will actually be black, like charcoal

  9. A-MAZE-N  [​IMG]
  10. The problem might be that the fuel isn't deep enough for the lit pieces to carry on to the next ones - I had that trouble a couple times but now I really pack the items in and haven't had any problems since. The top vent needs to be opened enough to allow the smoke to move over the product and out - don't want any creosote building on there.

    Good Luck
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    That's a very good point

    For a while, pellets could range from 3/8" to 1"+ in the same batch

    I now seem to be getting more consistent 3/8" - 3/4" pellets

    Try breaking the larger pellets into smaller 3/8"-3/4" pellets, and I bet it will help

  12. daricksta

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    I never knew black meant it wasn't a complete burn. But now I realize I did get a complete burn last time because all that was left was grey ash.
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    I am thinking of using a computer fan on my mailbox mod on an MES 30.   How many CFM do you think that fan is giving you?   Are you using a transformer down to 12VDC for the fan?


  14. I added a "tee" to the top of the adjustable elbow vent.  It stopped the downdrafts I would get sometimes.
  15. I have 2 identical MES 30"s (one at home, one at the lake house)

    Put the mailbox mod with AMNPS on both and have had no problems with airflow on cold smokes or hot smokes.

    I took hole saw and drilled a 3/4" hole in front door of mailbox, and I put the AMNPS about 2/3 of the way back into the box after it gets going.

    I removed the chip tray entirely and on hot smokes, I preheat the MES before loading the AMNPS in mailbox.

    I found that, particularly on cold smokes, if you quickly open and close the MES door a couple of times after you put AMNPS in, it gets the airflow moving enough to make it work just fine!

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  16. I put my pellets  in the amnps and take it to the kitchen stove. Turn the burner up high [gas stove] and run the amnps slowly back and forth over the flames until I see a little wisp as the pellets dry out. Then I hold the end with the hole over the flame until I get a good cherry going. Let it burn a little, blow it out and "voilà", consistent smoke!!  I have also set mine up with the mail box mod.  That works!! I do not have to worry about the humidity in the smoker or drippings contaminating the pellets!!  Try it!  You will like it!
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    I had problems keeping my AMNPS lit on my first smoke with my new Gen 2 MES 40 on Friday. After reading this entire thread (and many others) I made the following changes:

    Removed the water tray
    Put the AMNPS over the resulting hole
    Tented AMNPS with foil
    Put AMNPS and pellets in during preheat period
    Pulled chip tray out 2"

    The result had been perfect TBS on today's spare ribs.

    Thanks to the SMF community for all the help.
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    I would strongly suggest getting a metal mailbox and 3" metal ducting with flexible elbows. The duct fits the opening where the chip tray is located. You light the AMNPS Pellets and put the tray in the mailbox, all the smoke will flow right into the smoker. I have the same electric smoker and this works perfect. What is also nice if you want to smoke cheese you never have to worry about the heat from the pellets meting the cheese. I never have an issue of the pellets not staying lit. I use oak, cherry, apple, maple, hickory and never have an issue.. Mailbox and ducting about $20-$25...

  19. Yup - mailbox mod is the way to go!  [​IMG]
  20. The AMNPS is more popular because it smokes way longer & is a lot cheaper...

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