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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by travisb, May 23, 2013.

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    That's Great !!!

    Thank You for the kind words!!

    One thing I forgot to mention-----When you put the play sand in your water pan, cover it or you'll have a mess real quick.

  2. I had the same problem at the beginning and what worked for me is better air flow. I need the damper wide open and the burning pellets within a few inches of the damper. The only other thing I see different than the way that seems to work best for me is in your second picture down, the tray doesn't appear filled to the top. So maybe that little void is causing you problem? 
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    Can you provide a link? Thanks in advance.
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    I previously posted how to use the AMNPS 5x8 in the New 2nd Gen MES. Since there is limited air flow thru the New 2nd Gen MES when compared to the previous model, the AMNPS 5x8 will not perform well on the floor of the New model.

    The AMNPS 5x8 has to sit on top the hole where the water pan normally sits and cannot sit on the floor

    Pull the chip loader out 2" for added air flow

    Exhaust is 100% open

    No Water in The Water Pan

    Placement in the New 2nd Gen MES

    Notice (2) 8x8 Disposable Aluminum Pans

    Producing nice TBS

    I added a 4" Elbow to the exhaust


    Because a chimney helps the unit draft

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    I have the 800 watt MES 40 and the 5x8 AMNPS and I take the chip loader out and put the AMNPS on the bottom rack and had no problems yet.
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    Most issues are in the new 2nd Gen Masterbuilt Smokers

    There is an air flow issue in the new model, and not much I can do about it

    The New model just does not draft as well as the previous models.  I attribute this to the side exhaust vent that is positioned about 4" lower than the top of the smoker.  Heat and smoke must build up along the top, before it can spill out the side exhaust.  If the hot air and smoke cannot exhaust, then fresh air cannot be brought into the smoker.  I'm totally baffled as to why the engineers at Masterbuilt thought the lowered side exhaust was a good idea.  If the unit had a convection fan, then the lowered exhaust may make more sense, but it does not.  If the exhaust on your New 2nd Gen MES is pointed towards the wind, it will actually "Back Draft" thru the chip loader.

  7. How did you attach the elbow?  Did you remove the existing vent to add the elbow?  If so, how did you get it out?  Mine appears to be attached with rivets
  8. Read thru the entire thread and determined my ma-in-law has the Gen1 model.  So, I just placed an order for 2 AMNPS packages!  One for me and the other for the ma-in-law.  Can't wait to not put chips in every freakin' second!
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    The stock exhaust vent comes right out and the adjustable elbow fits exactly into the hole. The elbow will go into the smoker wall a few inches. I just used some tin snips and cut he elbow directly back to the smoker wall from the inside to make a few tabs. Bend the tabs back onto the smoker wall and zip screwed it to the smoker. I also put an adjustable butterfly damper in the elbow for a bit of exhaust control. Works great.
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    Thank you for that, Bear, because you know what? I probably wouldn't have thought of covering it. I kept picturing it just sand in an uncovered pan. Also you jogged my memory--gotta ask the wife about where to buy the sand locally in small quantities. I don't want to buy a 10 lb just for the water pan in a smoker I use about 5 times a year (this IS Washington state, after all).
  11. Have the MES 30 1st Gen and I have used the AMNPS with great success by pulling the chip tray out just enough that I can see the bottom of tray, wide open with top vent and pull the chip loader out about 2 " or so.

    Did a small turkey that I smoked for 6 hours, turned off the MES, but forgot to take the AMNPS out. 2 hours later, after dinner, I noticed the smoke was still coming out of the top vent. The smell was so good coming out of the vent that I left it in there while we sat on the deck for 2 more hours!

    My new aromatherapy!

    BTW, when I did a brisket, I used the water pan filled with sand and gravel, covered it with foil, and put it in the slot made for it under bottom rack.

    For some reason, the AMNPS didn't perform as well? After a half hour, I took the water pan out and the AMNPS worked like a charm?

    Anyone have the same issue? I assume it was an airflow problem caused by the placement of the water pan?

    Luckily, the temp held just fine without a heat sink since I only opened the door twice during the whole 10 hour smoke. Once to foil it and once because, well, you know, I just had to!

    Another observation:

    When I set MES to 200-210, the Maverick 732 reading only varies about 10 degrees from what MES shows for chamber temp.

    However, when I crank it up to 220 or above, the Maverick reading varies as much as 50 degrees?

    Had it at 275 (max) for some wings and the Maverick was reading 331!

    And this was one a cool day <75 degrees.
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    I had the same temperature last weekend - MES set on 225 for ribs, and Maverick read 331 for quite a while.
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    Yeah. That link just gives me a "Fatal Error" message here. But I'd like to see the gadget :)

    Phoned in.
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    Is that thin metal shelf part of the MES Gen2 design? Looking at these pics, I'm glad I bought the Gen1 model.
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    I'd like to see the gadget too just out of curiosity but the AMNPS is working fine for me.
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    Wonder how many of those Masterbuilt engineers previously worked at Microsoft? The Gates guys certainly knew how to take a good thing and make it badder...
  19. Hmm...just tried & works fine for me. Chrome browser.

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