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  1. It's going to be a busy day. For our 27th Aniversary the wife and I are having some friend's over for some fun and food.
    The menu, brisket, st Louis ribs and spatchcocked brined chicken with cranberry walnut honey Brussels and of course abt's.
    I will do my best to share the whole day. Thank to everyone that educatated me here on the forum.
    More to follow.
    Duh, I forgot the meat.
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    Good luck and have a good anniversary..
    Many more to come!
    Menu sounds great!
  3. keithu

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    Congratulations! We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year and had a party where we smoked tri-tip roasts and whole chickens. It was a hit
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  5. Oh yeah, I donated my mes30 with mailbox mod to my Dad so here we go on a new build for tomorrow's big day. I'll be using my new mes40 and the Akorn for my tools.
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    Congrats on 27 years. These days that's pretty amazing. Hope the party goes great.

  7. Up at 4:30, started the akorn and went the brisket at 5:05. A little salt, pepper and garlic powder is good for me. Been holding temp between 225-250. 3 hours in it's at 132. That seems fast, am I Okay?
    This is at 5:05 when I put it in.
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    mine all seem to get to the 140-160 range fast and then hit a brick wall. I think your fine but it will prob be an 8-12 hour cook unless or even if you wrap and possibly crank it up some.
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  9. Alright then. Thanks for the reply.
    4 hours in.
  10. wanna-be-smoker

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    i never wrap but depending on when you wanna eat you might try wrapping to power through the stall( which you prob have not even hit yet). They can rest for a few hours so if  its done early thats not a big deal.
  11. Here she is after 4 hours,

    Mailbox is ready to go. Time to get the ribs started and the chicken will go in later.
    I'll show more later. Happy Saturday everyone.
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    Nice pics! I'm just going to give you points now. It's gonna all turn out great I'm sure! Nice stuff!

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  13. Need some advice. So, I got a stall at 183it that lasted 40 minutes. Now it's at 189. Most of it is toothpick ready but the flat on the bottom isn't quite there. Should I wait it out?
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    I end up pulling mine early a lot because of different reasons but mostly cause im impatient lol

    You get into the 190ish range you will still have a great piece of meat
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