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  1. Has anyone tried making snack stix with all pork and andouille seasoning? Not chunky like traditional andouille but ground.
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    Sorry - no help - have never made andouille.  

    Although I have not made them - I am ver fortunate to have eaten them both.  I have tried both versions mixed with a potato, eggs, andouille breakfast-hash and also in Jambalaya - as well as just sampling them straight up.

    The chunk is my preferred andouille.  My wife agreed with me in te hash and straight-up tasting it - but she preferred the ground version in the Jambalaya better....but what does she know, lol.


    The ground version, although tasty, had more of a hot-dog consistency and reminded me more of something made by Johnsonville than homemade.  
  3. Havnt decided yet what to make yet so..... ive got 4 kg's of pork butt cubed up(2.5cm). Made a slurry with cure(2.5g/1000g) along with 79g of koscher salt. Im leaning to kabanosy but thouht if someone has done an adouille stick with good results
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    Be sure to post your results...and send me a sample [​IMG]
  5. So kabanosy with a twist.
    . I used Marianski's recipe as a baseline. The additions i made were...toasted the caraway and also bumped the quantity to 1.25 grams per kilo..Reduced the nutmeg to .75 grams per kilo. Added corriander at 1.25 grams per kilo. Bumped up the sugar to 1.25 grams per kilo. Added dehidrated onion at 1 gram per kilo. When i made the slurry i used 1 can of beer and added 1 cup of nfdmp that i threw in the bullet to make into a fine powder. Money shot
    . I got the mes 30 warmed up to 140 before i went to work and got the amazn 12in tube with a full load of mesquite going. I know mesquite is not the right pellet for kabanosy but i finish the sausage in a water bath so it tends to mellow the smoke a bit. So got home about 9 hrs later and IT was 135... water bath took about 8 mins to finish it up to 152-155. Forgot to mention i used sheep caseing except for 2 lengths...ran out and used collagen to finish. Im very happy with how they turned out. Realy nice crunch on the caseing and very nice juicyness on the inside. Im going to leave them out for a day to dry and the pack em in paper in the frig for the weekend.. they always get better if they get a chance to age. The beer i used and also am enjoying at the moment. For those of you that dont know its the official rider beer. They are playing right now
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    Nice looking sausage.  Good colour, nicely smoked and probably tasty.  But Kabanosy they ain't.  The name is protected by the Polish Government and recognized by the European Union.  In order for a sausage to be called Kabanos(singular) or Kabanosy (plural) it can contain only the following ingredients and in those proportions:

    3.6.   Description of the production method of the agricultural product or foodstuff to which the name under point 3.1 applies (Article 3(2) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1216/2007)


    Meat (100 kg of raw material):

    Class I pork with a fat content of up to 15 % — 30 kg,

    Class IIA pork with a fat content of up to 20 % — 40 kg,

    Class IIB pork with a fat content of up to 40 % — 30 kg.

    Seasonings (per 100 kg of meat)

    natural pepper — 0,15 kg,

    nutmeg — 0,05 kg,

    caraway — 0,07 kg,

    sugar — 0,20 kg.

    Other additives:

    curing mix (based on a mixture of table salt (NaCl) and sodium nitrite (NaNO2)) — about 2 kg.

    Full copy of the EU regulation is here:

    BTW, I too bleed green.  Too bad the Riders fell apart in the second half.  Looks like Jones is not the defensive genius he was made out to be.
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