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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Andouille, Week before last I realized I had run out of sausage, last week I had NOT Andouille! That’s worse news that Scotty saying they have cracked the di-lithium crystals! So week before last I made some emergency Cajun smoked sausage. Today I smoked Andouille. I made 10 lbs and since I have a great 5 lb stuffer, I was allow the ability to easily experiment. In the past to follow the health guidelines I reluctantly cooked it. I was most disappointed. Of course it was a first, a cooked sausage that was for freezing instead of cooking. So I with my newfound skills (I made some sausage last year and watched the pro’s to learn) and a renewed confidence I made Andouille!

    A 17 lb twin pack of butts @ 1.69/lb. Deboned and sliced and returned to the reefer to re chill.

    Slices pulled from the reefer a few at a time, and chopped small (did I mention the night before there was a major knife sharpening done on all the knives?  I will not show any pictures of the bandaid on my hand....LOL

    17 lbs = 12lbs ready for the spices

    Extra good looking pork fat, its more valuable around here these sausage days than prime rib!

    This is THAT casing. 46 MM’s. I believe that the reason for the large casing for the Andouille vice the regular size casing for sausage was two reasons. First and foremost they were not mistaken as Andouille is not sausage and is not eaten the same. Andouille and tasso are both seasoning meats use to flavor other dishes. They are not consumed in a standalone fashion like a hot sausage po-boy.

    The other reason was its chunky, not ground but chopped scraps and needs that extra room in the casing. Of course those are just my assumptions anyway.

    Did I mention my neighbor has a huge Rottweiler and we are Bff's?

    After an approximate 70/30 ration, with some extras in case I think I want more tomorrow. These have been seasoned but not cured yet. I will cure tomorrow just before stuffing. That way the meat doesn’t firm up with the cure overnight and is more easily stuffed.

    I added the cure and a little dry milk (I love experimenting!), I didn’t try the Amephos this time, probably next batch. Loaded a gazillion feet of 46MM casings and stuffed sausage.

    Back in the reefer till tomorrow when it will be cold and I’ll make it all happy happy with some pecan smoke for about 4 hours.

    Look at all that lovely fat! Ambrosia of the Gods!

    Into the smoker using the new MES Cold smoker loaded with pecan shells. This thing nails 4 perfect hours of smoke flawlessly with or without heat. You don’t need to reload, you don’t need to check the smoke, you have no worries about if it’s lit. Worry free operation. I had the AMP’s loaded and standing by just in case. The cold smoke attachment is like Dr. Emmett Brown’s flux capacitor, it’ll smoke with anything…..LOL

    Hour One, 275 vents open, door cracked (I did use the AMPs here), then closed her up, cracked the vent and turned on the cold smoker. Its like turbo speed. LOL

    Here is the turbo charger! BTW its turbo charging when the picture was taken.

    4 hours and a max high temp of 110 IT. Contractors couldn’t understand why its smelled so good but it had no smoke coming out of it. They were more upset when I said they could have any.

    Into an ice bath to cool it back down.

    Off the subject, I have got to tell you, you get in life what you pay for. I have been seeing the pro’s use these roaster to cook their sausage saying its easier and more dependable. Well this has been up in the barn now I know since the mid 80’s, it was purchased in the mid 50’s. I pulled it down, wiped it down, pulled it in and the light still comes on! You have no idea how many of my Mom’s “Boy Scout Beans” were cooked in this thing. Every party she was always asked to bring ‘em and she made this roaster full each time. Back to the Andouille!

    OK, ½ the Andouille headed to the reefer, the other half in the roaster to achieve a cooked temperature rating.

    I have to admit without a cutting a slice yet, the roaster does as advertised. It makes a HUGE difference.


    One is “raw”...........

    the other “cooked”

    Acccccccccck! Wrong!

    Cooked, the hole is where it was 'probed" Ahhhhh.... the humanity of it all!


    I love this stuff…. I can only say, I am obviously an Andouille genius. I love it and what better can be said? This sight has allowed me to do something I have always wanted, and do it well enough to eat! You guys are great!

    You always have that small amount left out that you justr can't get in the casing?  That little cup of the raw Andouille that came out the stuffer and the little in the neck I tried tonight. I made a peasant’s omelet (today we call it a frittata). Hash browns, onions, bell pepper, raw Andouille, eggs. ZOMG! I thought the cured Andouille would be tuff having not been boiled for a long time. I could sell this stuff and get rich, I just would never be able to make enough.

    I forgot, my post script..........

    Remember the 17 lb cryo twin pack made 12 lbs and I only used 10 (2 each 5 lb batches) so I have 2 lbs lefy with no home. I have a 5 lb stuffer I go to the freezer and to my surprize I find........

    So I have 3 lbs of pork loin chopped and 2 lbs of butt chopped. I may fight the grinder tomorrow and try some charisse.

    Thanks for chevking it out, the massive casing, makes good andouille so I guess I won in the long run.

    Thanks for looking, I really enjoyed it and the andouille would win first place at the fair if I was a judge!

    They are so pretty, I got some 1" dowels cut today.

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  2. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome Foam ! You been busy last couple days ! :beercheer:
  3. venture

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    I have never made Andouille, but it looks great to me?

    Another for my bucket list.

    Great use of the fire hose, I might add.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. crazymoon

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    Looks awesome and I love the food porn pix ! [​IMG]
  5. reinhard

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    Foam, GREAT JOB, on that big casing andouille  sausage!!!  Good things come in small batches for sure [with larger than average casings to boot].  I'm going to get me some of those for swedish sausage.My swedish is ok, but man there is something missing.  I say [​IMG]for this great thread.  Reinhard
  6. It makes me want to run get a couple of butts right now. Very nicely done. I am so glad you won the fight with the casing. 

    For such a good fight fallowed by a fantastic blow by blow i say you deserve [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  7. worktogthr

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    Wow Foam!  Great post.  The sausage looks great!  I just made some andouille cornbread stuffing with store bought andouille and it was good but homemade is always better.  I'll be over in ten minutes to pick up a rings worth haha.  Really cool that you dug out your mom's old roaster.  I inherited all of my moms cooking and baking equipment and I use it all the time.  They don't make things like they used to.
  8. darwin101

    darwin101 Meat Mopper

    Nice looking links Foam.  That should keep everyone happy for a few days.  [​IMG]  
  9. mike w

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    Thanks for sharing foam, I read your other thread about andouille. Great write up! Did you taste the cooked links? How did it compare to the raw?
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  10. tropics

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    Foam that is one fine job you did, on the sausage. May have to change your name to the King of Links.
  11. Another fine looking batch!

  12. squirrel

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    That is sausage perfection right there! Great job, really enjoyed the tutorial!
  13. disco

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    The Lord of Louisiana sausage strikes again. Great post again Foamheart. I loved the pictures, got some new ideas and learned some things.


  14. jockaneezer

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    I had Andouille in France a couple of years back and I couldn't eat it, smelt like a blocked sewer pipe and that's no exageration, yours on the other hand looks the biz, need to get myself a stuffer !
  15. foamheart

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    Sorry folks been a zoo around here today! I need a construction coordinator!

    Made a gumbo while running around shouting this AM. But the gumbo was made with love....LOL I had to try some of the andouille didn't I?

    The gumbo cooking

    The money shot?

    And what is left in the pot!

    LOL... the andouille was a huge hit! I sampled the cooked andouille and now thinking I should do the other half. <shrugs>
  16. foamheart

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    Thanks man. 

    ' A one arm'd man at a paper hanging contest?

    Andouille really needs that extra thickness, I am really surprized at how well the cooked turned out. I owe a lot of thanks to all these great folks here.
    Thank you

    It actually tastes better than it looks.
  17. Did someone say gumbo?

    It looks tasty!

    Happy smoken.

  18. foamheart

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    Thank you sir, I wish everyone could have stood there and laughed while with each loop being loosened another appeared. It would have won on AFV's!
    Thank you,  Thank you so much for all your help.
    Thank you sir, shoot that might get thru next week. Already had two neighbors drop by, and the contractors all seem to linger more than usual. Maybe if I give them some they'll get their heads out their....... and think about what is going on. Grrrrrr..........
  19. foamheart

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    No, Thank you for checking it out. I have not tryed the raw yet, but I did do a gumbo today and I like the cooked so well, I can't imagine that my andouile has not turned the corner and it will not only be the better choice but safe as well. I would have bet money against me saying that if asked yesterday. I am amzed with the cooked. had a couple of real coonazz's over and of course they  said the andouille was better than the gumbo. LOL..... well of course they did, and I take it as a compliment too!
    Thank you, there are some serious smokers within  30 miles of me (course I didn't realize it till I started smoking). But I bet IMHO you couldn't beat this andouille! LOL I might be predjudiced, nawwww..... not me.
    Thank you sir, Since I use andouille and smoked the most, I seem to make more of it.
  20. foamheart

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    Thank you Squirrel
    Thank you my friend, I have learned much more from you.
    I fought and fought thinking that sausage would be just a waste, Hell I can get the best sausage in the world all around were i live from great butcher shops. Then you start with bacon, then you have to try a ham, each time its so much better than anything else you can obtain. Then one day ya can't stand the itch any longer, and everything else was so delicious that you made yourself, you start small. I had a #8 manual grinder/.stuffer. Then you buy a real dedicated stuffer, now this year its going to be a grinder sooner or later. Once you start with one type sausage, then its like someone lifts the veil from your eyes and you see the light! Pops has outstanding breakfast sausage, then its Cougar;s chicken, Boyjka's keilbasa, smoked cajun hot sausage, andouille, Charurice, etc etc etc.......

    Its a monkey on your back, it hasn't given up and left yet!

    Its legal and doesn't cause cancer, and its FUN, Delicious, and everyone loves it! Besides you meet the best folks discussing it.

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