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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by foamheart, Jan 17, 2014.

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    I couldn't stand it, I cut one. Its outstanding, it could use a little more cracked black pepper to be perfect. I figure I did 11 lbs. of meat, and it could stand 1 Tablespoon of cracked Black pepper and it would win first place at the fair.  (Next time I'll add more).

    Maybe the meat just needs a little longer curing time? I bet that is it. Of course I am speculating on smoked cured meat the day it was made, and I know better than to do that. Just seems a bit undercooked. Its like the meat is raw. AND the jury isn't in yet on the chunk/grind because of that. I am thinking that the store bought stuff maybe just cured a little harder. The color is amazing on the meat and skin.

    It tastes good, the smell is exceptional! It is seasoning meat of the highest quality.
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    Nice work on the Andouille FH, great post. One question, where you stated 'Its all mixed except for the 1/4C of seasoning I reserved for just before stuffing tomorrow.'  Why the holdback on the seasoning until just before stuffing? I've never heard of this being done before. Thanks for your time.
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    No no, I was sincere in my request.

    Andouille should be 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 in.approx., This is the new ever popular Andouille sausage. By changing the Andouille to sausage they don't have to change equipment or casings to make it  The old Andouille was made large for two reasons or so I believe. It couldn't be mistaken for sausage, and it used up the large intestine of the pig. Everything but the squeak was used. This I made I used the 1" tube with the standard casing, its still to small but it is much better than I had expected. Its not sausage and shouldn't ever be considered as such.

    I didn't know about the water/oil. I knew the water was used to help lub the compound also but I figured the water better suited to deliver the cure. The meat slide right thru the LEM just like greased lightning, I can see that water would have been a better medium. Smoke absorption was absolutely no problem this stuff is so aromatic, I love pecan.

    What I have been doing with sausage (probably wrong), I lub it before I smoke it. I rub my chickens with oil before I smoke them and they are not as susceptible to drying. Then I use the dryness of the skin to measure doneness. Its cured, its done. you can smoke it or not. But when I first feel that slight dryness, that's when I pull it, dry it, chill it, and wipe it. The skin easily breaks to the bite, and is not so dry as to tear.

    Those are my explanations, mostly ignorance.

    I don't know MM's I have never used a metric measure. I really do appreciate your help.

    Right now my biggest question is about if the cure is now finished or will it continue to firm up the meat some, I have never seen store bought Andouille this raw. It has wonderful taste but will no doubt fall completely apart in the pot while cooking. Maybe tomorrow after its been cooled in the reefer. I hated to do it knowing I would trap condensate inside the links.

    I again thank you for your much appreciated help.

    I so wish I could give you a small link to take home. I better make that two links, one to perfume the house laying on the counter, and one to try in a pot of red beans. I can't say it enough, it smell amazing and I take no credit for anything but the smoking! Course the smoking was done masterfully! <chuckles>
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    Thank you. I do it because its how Pop did it. I don't know its true but he held that spices added after the others the day before had a different absorption rate. He allowed that some spices were already used and by adding at the end of the cycle these were still fresh with all their flavors.

    He's my Pop so I assume he knows what he's talking about. <shrugs>

    Let me add, if I live to be 90 years old, I'd expect folks to believe a lot more of explanations too....ROFLMAO!  Just don't pull the finger.
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  5. stanjk

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    Thanks for the quick response. I had a feeling that "tradition" had something to do with it. Nothing wrong with that, and Pop always knew what he was talking about. [​IMG]   And you can't argue with good results!
  6. papap

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    Can anyone buy the seasoning?
  7. It is such a treat to read your fantastic stories, and pull up a chair to your fine table with food! Well done! You are always a treat!!!! Cheers! - Leah
  8. dward51

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    That is some great looking andouille!!!   I need to try that also....
  9. dj54

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    FH, would you like to share information on the seasonings ? I have tried a couple times to make andouille with different recipes and did not care for any of it. Guess I am spoiled to the store bought here in southwest Louisiana.
  10. papap

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    Dj. Same here. I have tried several and none of them taste as good as the ones you can buy local here in SW Louisiana
  11. cappyr

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    Foam I  guess the  finishing add is some kinda Cajun thang I never thought about it but das how we do boudin and sausages and lots of stuff.   Every thing is seasoned, cooked and reseasoned with a pinch and some fresh greens right before casing.  It's the way MY family did it too.  As you know aunduille was originally made with the hogs large intestine, that's why we still make it big.  The stuffing is courser and that lends to the bogger casing.  Back in the day it was mainly seasoned scraps and hog stomach and unused pieces of intestine.  Highly smoked and seasoned it was intended to be used in beans, gumbos, etc and wasn't meant to be ate straight up like sausage.  Over the last few years the market version has changed.  to now its more like regular sausage. 
  12. foamheart

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    Well it might hav something to do with the taste also. I know he has some spice/herbs recipes that he used (which can no longer be found). But knowing Pop he would have to tweak the amounts every time, so he might have made a batch of seasoning and then reserved some to add if it seemed the right taste/smell. So it wasn't too overpowering? Who knows.
    I know you can buy it at the Lutcher store, but I am pretty sure they don't ship. I do not know about the Texas or Lafayette store. It is packaged and sold by the "Deep South" spice company. I would guess its a proprietary mixture, but I don't know that for sure either. I know my Baby Sis was there getting some sausage and asked one of the butchers about it, seems he remembered me from when we were kids (he must be too old to work LOL) and she got a big bag from him.
    Thank you Leah, I really don't mean to tell stories, I just get diarrhea of the mouth, and once started its hard to stop.

    Oh, and I would swap my unending BS for your plating ability any day.
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    Thank you, Its isn't brain surgery. Its only a bit worrisome because you don't remember when you did it last, and I hate 10# quantities. Its too much to make for a first time event if you screw up. I really appreciate the 5 # LEM now. Its like your first belly bacon or ham, but even better! I know that's hard to believe!
    Not at all, I am not one of those people who are secret about what I do. And the guys who write books I understand they are selling product. Above is all I know, as much as I know of it. Also it maybe that I am ranting and raving too much. It had barely set 12 hours so far. I know I keep saying this but its because I learned the hard way, if it is cured smoked meat, you do NOT know the finished product until it has been allowed time to.... Smoooooooth!

    But I know if I tied it around my neck and went to town I would have my pick of sweet young thangs following me around! Veron's was the "good sausage" when I was a kid. If you couldn't make friends on a camping trip when you had some, there was just no hope for you. Their is an original Veron's on Johnson Street near the Academy Store  in Lafayette. That is about as SW Louisiana as you can get, unless you're at Johnson's Bayou!
  14. mossymo

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    Was your meat ground in a meat grinder?

    Wife and I have made Andouille Sausage a few times with excellent tasting results. Our recipe is not home made either, it is also a purchased seasoning packet.
  15. papap

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    So the name of the store in Lafayette is Veron's?
  16. dirtsailor2003

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    Mmmmmmmm, looks great Foam!!!!!
  17. foamheart

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    I couldn't stand it anymore, it is still a bit raw, although I believe it may just be because I have been subjected to the store bought stuff for .... well lets say a long time. Its tastes great, it needs a heaping tablespoon of cracked black pepper to make it perfect in my minds eye.

    So its only been in the reefer 12 hours, I took a simple shot so you could get the Bear-View. It smells so good, if you had smell-a-vision it would still be like black and white TV to the real smell of this.

    /nods toward the bandstand, Drum roll please..........

    I'll guarantee ya at 15.00 a pound, I couldn't make that fast enough! Its worth more than jerky!

    My taste buds and budettes are soooo happy.

    Its a damn shame to make it this good the first time, I mean other than adding more cracked pepper, and as Mo showed me (thanks tons Mo) no more oil on the meat, I don't think I could do it this good again in 50 trys! But ya know I am going to have to try.....LOL

    Another not so good picture just to torture you!

    As the man says, this is it!

    I rubbed my hands on it while cutting so I can sit here and sniff!

    I want to say thank you for looking in on the Andouille, It started out as about 11 pounds of deboned butt.
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  18. foamheart

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    Answered above, the Veron's story is within the tread.
  19. foamheart

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    I completely agree with every statement.
  20. dirtsailor2003

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    That sure would go good with the eggs I'm thinking about cooking for breakfast. Guess I'll have to settle for store bought bacon instead...

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