And we are off. First try today

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  1. Bought some chicken breasts, mixed up my seasoning ( thanks Richie for the recipe), going to brine then for a couple of hours in salt and Brown sugar solution. Season and wrap in bacon. Set the smoker for around 250, add some Apple wood and smoke for somewhere around 3 hours or an internal temp of about 170. Being a boob guy i got some big breasts so i am not sure my timing is going to be right but what the heck. Any final words before i embark on my maiden voyage. Lol. Oh. It is a smoke vault propane smoker. And i have purchased a good six pack of beer for my refreshment.
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  2. Ok. Birds boobs seasoned and bacon layed down on top. Smoker at 250 with smoke generated. Boobs in on middle rack. No temp in them yet. Figure i would wait a bit too try and prevent contamination. 4 boobs at about a pound each. Todd you i was a boob guy. Lol. Hopefully we will be eating about 3 hours from now. Planning on pulling at about 170.

    Thanks to Richie for the rub recipe and all the other folks for posting in all the threads i read during the planning stage. Now, time to either sink out swim.
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  4. Lol. Want to make sure it goes ok. Then maybe. Lol. Or do you want to see my boobs. Lol.
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    How'd they turn out?

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    Chicken + Apple = Happiness
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    red How did they turn out come on show and tell time

  10. LOL.  Sorry guys, I guess maybe too many beers while waiting for the boobs to finish.  They were very good, and a family hit, especially my wife and daughter who were very skeptical about anything smoked.  My brother stopped by for a look, and a taste and he was quite impressed.  He has been using a charcoal smoker for a few years, so his kind words were a nice surprise.

    It took about 3 hours, which was a bit longer than I had timed for, but worked out perfect as they were on the table right about dinner time.  Probably the time issue was because they were quite large.

    I brined a bit too long I think as they were just a tad bit salty, but the flavor overall was great. I split the breasts up into two bags, two boobs each, about a 1/3 a cup of salt and 1/2 cup of brown sugar to a gallon of water.  Brined for a little over 3 hours, I think next time I will do 2 hours and see how it goes.  The chicken was moist but not too wet.  The bacon was a nice crisp.  The surprising part was that the smoke flavor was not overpowering, I would even argue that you could not taste it.  I had the side vents open about half way, and the top vent open all the way.  I put in the applewood chunks and they burned nice.

    Richie, the seasoning you sent me was perfect.  I might try a bit of pepper flake or chili powder to try and kick it up a bit, but other than that, it worked out perfect.  Family was happy, I was happy, the boobs seemed happy.  LOL  Again, thanks to all for a great site, I don't think I would have tried it without the info I got here.

    Sorry, no pics..  I was more worried about not screwing it up than taking pics.  Next time, as I am thinking of trying chicken breasts with pepper jack cheese stuffed in them and wrapped again with.............wait for it............BACON.  LOL.

    Thanks again all, it was pretty fun.

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    Meat absorbs salt faster than sugar. I'd cut down on the amount of salt rather than time.
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    D glad I was able to help, and that it was a hit

  13. And now some more good news.  There was enough for a second dinner tonight, and according to my wife (I work graveyards), my son and daughter sliced up some and made sandwiches.  My wife chopped it up and put it in her salad.  Me?  Well, I am just eating it cold and it is really good.  LOL. 

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