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Discussion in 'Pork' started by topcop821, May 23, 2013.

  1. topcop821

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    O.K.,,,ribs are all done on Jeff's formula, lookin good  BUT...I don't want to serve them at this time. Perplexed with which way to jump. Just wrap em up, freeze em for later   OR   prepare with sauce druing the final phase and then wrap them up for the freezer?

    Who has tried what and what works the best. Hate to wreck some great ribs by doing this back asswards.

  2. kathrynn

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    bump!  I have never frozen ribs after smoking them.  But...bumped so someone else might chime in!

  3. oldschoolbbq

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    You can freeze the Ribs if you want (beats me why [​IMG]) , but do not sauce them; in re-heating them ,the sauce will burn and fowl the taste .

    I suggest , cut in half, freeze after done, then when ready, thaw overnight and sauce as you grill them to temp.

    I presonally do not sauce , I feel it's meant to be a condiment . The meat should express it's flavor.

     Here's a done Rib Rack... I put some of my homemade sauce if front of my guest and watch. Most of them leave the sauce alone. Just sayin'.

    Whether you do them the 3-2-1- method with Foil  or straight-up as I , you'll be better off with no sauce during the cook ; at the most wait until 10-15 mins. before removing. I hate burned Sauce.

    Have fun doing your ribs and as always . . .
  4. demosthenes9

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    I freeze ribs fairly regularly.  Reason why is that it only takes slightly more time for me to cook 8 racks of ribs than it does to cook 1 rack, as most of the time involved is the 4-6 hours of smoking.  Prep time for an actual rack is probably 5 mins at most.

     Isecond what oldschool said.  Don't sauce the ribs before freezing.  You can freeze them as half racks or even section them out further if you want.  Absolute best bet is to vacuum pack them.  If that isn't an option, wrap 1/2 racks in plastic wrap then put into a ziplock.  Close the bag most the way, squeezing the air out then insert a straw in the corner and suck out whatever air you can.   Slowly remove the straw and seal.

    There's a couple of different ways to reheat.  You can put the bag in hot water and warm them that way, then finish on the grill.   You can also put them in a foil pan, spritz with some apple juice (or other liquid) foil them and steam them for a bit.  Again, finish on grill if desired. 

    Great thing about this is that you always have smoked ribs "at the ready". 

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