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  1. After ordering and acquiring parts, along with a heavy travel schedule at work, the building of my UDS has finally begun in earnest. Got a new unlined food grade drum from Sooner Containers in Conroe, TX, just a couple miles up the highway from where I live. Ordered the Big Poppa kit, but I will not be following the plans exactly on this. Gonna add a dome lid and extra racks and have the ability to use a Weber hanging rack as well. 

    It will have 3 racks for cooking, one of which will double for the placement of the hanging rack. I will also put some bolts down low for a water pan or second level for coal basket for searing. 

    The Big Poppa Kit with a shelf too. 

    Picked up this puppy and I should be able to use the hing for the dome with just a tad bit of modification to the hinge attachment. $48 at Sam Walton's place

    Got some 1/16 inch thick aluminum for the flashing so the lid would fit:

    Will use 3 of the bolts attaching it as a grate holder. I will replace one of the long ones where the seam is with a shorter one. Just there for holding purposes

    The lid hinges will need a spacer which I just got so it will align with the bottom hinge braket (not shown). Lid fits nice and tight. I will likely add a small bead of high temp silicone around the rim just to be sure. You can see my tape for the various measurements. 

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    Looks like your project is going to end up being a nice UDS. Get that thing together and start smoking.
  3. Got some more done last night and should be able to finish up the drilling and assembly. Then I will break it all down,have it sandblasted and I'll paint it. I should be off the road for much of the week so I may get her done in time to use this coming weekend. 

    This is the hanging assembly I will use when I want to hang stuff.

    I was able to get some 1/2" Spacers to push out the top henge assembly and it fits nicely. So I have a hinged dome lid.

    The 2 cooking racks. The second rack with the U-bolts will double as a sear level for the coal basket. I will add a 3rd level just above the basket for a drip/water pan. I will also add 4 bolts to fit the hanging assembly, as it was designed to fit in the rim of a Weber and won't fit on a typical 3 bolt layout.

  4. Thats the plan. Should be able to smoke this coming weekend. 
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    That looks like a great build!

    Can't wait to see it in action!

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    You just can't help yourself can you? Have fun hope you don't run out of room for your stuff!
  7. Ha Ha! I don't fight it anymore. Just not worth it. 
  8. Update on progress. Got some more done since I last posted. Essentially just need to get the outside sandblasted and painted. That will have to wait for a couple of weeks when I can get it blasted and get it home to put high temp primer on it right away. But I will go ahead and do a light seasoning on it Friday or over the weekend. Having touched the inside of the barrel working on it caused some surface rust. When I get it blasted I may have them do the inside too if it needs it and just put another coat of Pam and season her up. 

    Added some stabilizers to it. I can screw them up a little when I need to move and down again when it is in place. I fount with the shelf I have, and I may add another, it was a tad top heavy. 

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    Looking good!Thumbs Up
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    That isn't Ugly enough to be a UDS!
    Nice! Thumbs Up
  11. Thanks guys. Seasoning it now. It's gonna be a couple weeks til I can get it blasted and I didn't want the inside to continue to rust.

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    And a shelf, too!!
    Are you taking orders?
    Just kidding :)
    You are a Craftsman, my friend!

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