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  1. well after memorial weekend I discovered I need a lot more CI. of smoking surface.

    Basically the only way I will get more CI is to Build my own.

    what I have on hand

    1. 12 ft 3" angle iron

    2. 10" x 12" heavy duty grates x2

    3. one side burner with regulator

    what I don"t have 

    a firebox a cook chamber and a good solid plan

    I don't see a need in gathering materials till I have a solid design in place

    I do have access to 2 welders and 3 skilled individuals to weld for me

    I also have a source for 55 gal drums both sealed and opened with lids and bands (Prior food use - soybean oil)

    budget - unknown  just gonna spread it out hear and there till it gets built

    I am not real familiar with all the different types of smokers and will need all of you to help me through this first build

    pretty much the cheaper the better (If it comes out nice and works great then I can get my wife to loosen the purse strings for a future build)

    I don't care for the UDS design just to be up front

    so I am hoping you all can get me going in a good direction and for a working plan to build from


  2. I can tell ya why ideas ain't flooding in.  You have set a hard task.  You don't like UDS.  Barrels are hard to weld on because of their thickness.  Can almost be done with acetylene but very time consuming.  Electric welding is usually by spot/tack weld.  Many seams to seal.  You could weld 2 barrels together end to end using the thicker rim and then cut out the ends making one long horizontal smoker.  Build a fire at one end and get with it.  My only other suggestion is round up some sort of thicker smoked chamber ( maybe a propane tank? )  How about a fridge smoker?  Best I can come up with.  Maybe others have a better idea.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!
  3. while I do admit welding a 55 gal drum is tricky I do have a friend who has a wire feed and does light welding but as I said I don' have a cook chamber yet I am in the planning stage so I am open to all kinds of suggestions

    let me try this again with a maybe more specific question

    what type of smoker will serve me best as far as maintaining temp and not having to baby sit it as much as my brinkman and be able to hold enough food to serve up to 25 family members?

  4. jckdanls 07

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    This propane rotisserie smoker..

  5. Now I see where you are going.  I can only tell you my experience.  I have used several own build and commercial built smokers in my life.  I moved from Texas to the U.K. about 13 yrs. ago.  The weather here is tough.  If it ain't rainin it's snowin.  Hard to plan BBQ party.  I sold my offset smoker and am about to build a fridge smoker.  Completely sealed ( well, does have vents and stack ) insulated unit.  Rain, snow? No problem.  Big enough for parties.  Many members here use electric heat and build or buy controllers for heat control.  I don't have access to outside electric so I will be using the burners and controls from a LPG oven.  A little practice with these and set it and forget it is I think about as close as it gets.  Add a mailbox mod and an AMNPS and you're smokin.  Have a read through the fridge build forum and see what ya think.  Just my 2 cents.  Hope it helps.  Keep Smokin!

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    Ugly Drum Smoker. It will do what you want. And you can make two of them. IMHO you should give in to the obvious.
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    Jon, morning.....  do you want to heat with propane ??  I read the "side propane burner" in supplies....  Is charcoal or wood or electric in the running ??   Do you want low and slow where 12-24 hours is the cooking time needed....  use a smoke generator like the AMNPS...  or chunks or chips....    Patio model or a Vertical Smoke House permanent structure (wood const.).....   converted refer....  

    come up with a plan, search for it on this forum, ask  about the specifics and answers will follow....   It is difficult at best to answer questions when you aren't sure what you want...   A smoker that will last for 20 years....  type thing..  SFB.... RF.... burn wood.... 24 x 36 cooking grate.....   

    Cooking for 25 folks..... amount of ribs ... amount of pork butt...... the amount of space required is very different...  turkeys, chickens, hot dogs....  all require different grate space...   You need to figure out how much grill space you want and the vertical space required for the type of meat you want to cook.....   

    Sound confusing ????   well, we want you to build the best smoker in your neighborhood that you will be happy with.... smoking food should be relaxing.... kicked back with good friends....   That should be your goal.....    

  8. wow that is a lot to think about and yes a bit confusing.

    I would like to be able to burn coal ,lump, maybe smaller stick. (the burner is on hand and it is a toss up between using it for a smoker fuel or building a turkey/fish fryer with it)

    I am thinking maybe 30" x 36" maybe a little longer cook grate. I would guess a couple butts, 4 or 5 racks of spare ribs , and maybe 15- 20 chicken quarters, at most. (some how at most scares me I just see the kids starting to bring friends sooner or later)

    of course I will have the brinkman verticale smoker to handle lighter duty things

    looking at all the sugestions so far and it is a bit to digest all at once.

    was thinking maybe a reverse flow, but the fridge looks interesting, - then again I have an old oven destioned for recycling might be interesting.....

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