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  1. Jeff: I just wanted to let you know what transpired last night (3 Aug 2012) at the Harrington Kansas Senior Center. We were there for a music jam and during the evening one of the performers (a retired DJ and musician) told everyone in attendance of a BBQ experience he had a long time ago. To make a long story short, Gail named a fellow back in the 70’s that told him about good BBQ. This fellow said good BBQ doesn’t need any sauce; it’s good by it’s self. Then Gail went on to say that last week he and his wife were invited to a BBQ at Chuck and Beverly’s house (Chucks Birthday party). Gail said “If you ever get a chance to have some of Chuck’s BBQ Ribs take it. They were some of the best ribs he has ever eaten. Bottom line is Chuck uses your rub.

    I also use your rub. Chuck bought it for me a couple if years ago for my birthday.

    Jon Randall (CPTN_JON)
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    That is truly wonderful!

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