An Edible Learning Experience - Minor Qview

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  1. Somehow I never manage to post my poultry smokes. Only 3 so far. I can't wait until I plan far enough ahead (12 hours) to try brining. But wrapping chicken in bacon, that makes a lot of sense and doesn't take long.

    A couple weeks ago I fixed this for my son, my future-daughter-in-law, and their photographer. I smoked three bacon wrapped thighs, two leg quarters and two breasts with apple wood. Finished them on the grill.


    I'd show the results, but everything disappeared. 

    Tonight I wanted to quickly  smoke some boneless skinless breasts. I combined 2 TBSP of a savory rub with 1 TBSP with a curry based rub. I smoked them for an hour with apple wood @ 225. Then wrapped them with proscuitto and took them to the grill. On the last flip we added goat cheese. We also grilled squash and red pepper.


    We added Annie's multigrain bread spread with orange honey butter from Old Mill The pairing was Valhalla Vineyards 2004 Rheingold Chardonnay

    Fortunately the pairing worked marvelously. Based on where the wine laid in the bottle, I could have paired it with hickory smoked shoe leather and succeeded. Here's the leftover wine.


    I learned a lot from tonight's smoke. 

    1. If you're doing boneless/skinless, expect the results to be dry. Planning ahead and brining would help. The prior chicken smokes were bone in skin on.

    2. Adding a curry spice to a savory rub will over power the savory. (doh)

    3. A good pairing atones for a lot of mistakes. Flavors of butter, vanilla, butterscotch. MMM.

    4. Work in small batches while learning. 

    5. It's a good thing to have the smoker outside my office window so I still smell nice. (I open the window)

    I swear some day I'll get a complete poultry smoke together with a Q-view. Until then, it's good to be able to eat my mistakes.
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  2. That plate looks great!
  3. It was good, but dry. Jeff's Honey Glazed, Orange Smoked Chicken recipe (in today's newsletter) talked about brining - as did Chap 3 of the eCourse. I'm planning to plan ahead more next time I plan to do  chicken so I can brine prior to smoking. We'll see how it goes ...

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