An awesome score for my UDS!!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokingohiobutcher, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. smokingohiobutcher

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    A couple of weeks ago one of the guys that work in the meat dept with me was telling us of his friend that won a grill from a drawing at our local BW3s (wing joint). He and his buddys loaded up in a truck to go pick it up and get some wings for supper. They were thinking they would need the truck to bring this awesome new grill home,and they would need to stop by walmart to buy a grill cover to protect it since it was going to sit outside. They finished their food then gave the waitress the paper that said he won the grill...she said " OH, OK I'll bring it right out!". She came out with this...

    He and his friend were floored! "His comment was what the hell am I gonna do with this!" They brought it home and let is sit out back...unprotected[​IMG]...they didn't stop to get a cover after all![​IMG]
    To shorten this long winded story. I offered this guy$25 for it and a slab of ribs and he was excited," take it" he said. I now have a dome lid for my UDS and extra parts!!![​IMG]some more pics!

    The BBQ CREW cant wait for me to try out today...A smallpork shoulder picnic, some storebought ssmoked sausage, a reg old school fattie, and a fresh kielbasa fattie are on the list for today.

    Oh and by the way...when I went to pay the guy he said, "forget the money I just want some ribs!" So I will be firing up both smokers...More on that later!
  2. rbranstner

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    Score! It looks like the one I picked up at Walmart durning the holidays for $20. Can't go wrong for those prices you get a lid and all the extra grates. I am going to try and use the bottom of the grill for my UDS lid as someone else did in another post. Gives you a little more room and sometimes fits better I guess. Its worth a try.
  3. pandemonium

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    nice lol what a prize huh? anyway you did good with it i like the 3rd rack, i need a score like that for mine.
  4. tjohnson

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    That's a Good One!

    Talk about disappointment!!!

    I would have given good money to see their faces when the waitress brought this out!!!

    Good for you though.....

  5. mballi3011

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    Now that sounds like a great score there Eric. Now you have another smoker and you will be set to smoke alot more now. So it's a:

    "PARTY AT Erics today"
  6. smokingohiobutcher

    smokingohiobutcher Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Who is Eric and where does he live? Did I miss the Party?
  7. meateater

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    Great score, I keep eyeballing craigs list myself under the freebie section. [​IMG]
  8. hemi

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    I noticed my neighbor rolled one out to the curb [22 1/2 weber] I went into the kitchen, took the last swig of coffee outta my cup and went out to ''rescue '' it and it was goin' down the road in the back of a pick em up truck... Truth... [​IMG]
  9. badfrog

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    funny stuff... I am guessing the guys had a pretty good laugh when the waitress rolled out the new "Rig"...better get a class 2 hitch for that!!! lol
    great score on the rib trade though!

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