An AMNTS 4th

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  1. While the rest of you are doing butts, briskets, and ribs, I'm using my 4th to test out my shiny new AMNTS 12" to see if it can breathe new life into my ancient Weber propane grill and pinch hit for the WSM on short cooks. First up, we have some pork shooters for lunch.

    There's the AMNTS doing its thing.

    Seems to be generating some smoke in there.

    One hour in and its burned about 1/4 of the tube, generating some nice thin smoke.  Keeping 275 on the lid temp.

    Two hours in and we're done, having burned about half the tube. The neighbor stopped by just before this pic, asking if we'd seen her trash can lid (yeah right!).  I quickly ran out to count my shooters...all still there and ready to eat.

    No presentation pic -- 'fraid they didn't last long enough. Perfectly smoked using the AMNTS. Next up, chicken thighs for dinner tonight.
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    They look like I want to bite the screen OMG Great. I really have to step up by skills now seeing them how do u make it. Thanks Richie
  3. These were about 1/2" thick slice of kielbasa wrapped with thick cut bacon held together with a toothpick to make a cup. I filled the cup with a slice of jalapeno on the bottom, then some shredded colby jack. Topped them with some leftover sauce I made for some ribs two weeks ago and sprinkled with a pit of rub. First smoke with the AMNTS on a propane grill and it really worked. Great smokey flavor with about 2 hours at 275*.
  4. And now for some chicken thighs, all rubbed up and braising in a butter based liquid at 300. Smoke again courtesy of the AMNTS.

  5. Chicken thighs all glazed up. Paired nice with a bottle of Virginia Viognier.

    And finally, homemade toasted coconut dark chocolate ice cream sportin' some homemade salted caramel sauce for dessert. Nothing smoked, but so darn good it warranted a look.

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    Looks great. I love the AMNPS also.

    Oh and with neighbors like that you might want to install a camera that points at your smoker/grill :biggrin:

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