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  1. I was actually going to smoke some Turkey legs today and looked for a brine recipe in Rutek's book and it called for 5 gallons of water 1.5lbs of salt, 1.5lbs of powdered dextrose and 1lb of cure #1. Since I wasn't doing a whole turkey, I cut everything down to 20%, but what concerned me was the large amount of cure. It kinda scared me as even knocking it down to 20% of a pound, it still was almost half a cup of cure. I saw another recipe on line that called for the same and another that only called for 1.5oz for 5 gallons but then it called for 3 times as much salt. I brined for 4 hours but now I don't know if it is safe or not considering when making sausage you might you a teaspoon of cure. Maybe because it is diluted in water it is ok. Anybody have any advice on this. Will this be safe to eat? Help!
  2. What edition/page? I have the 3rd here. Sure sounds like alot. But liquid cures do tend to be a bit stronger. And faster of course. You sure it wasn't an ounce?
  3. 3rd edition, page 327
  4. Hmm I got pastrami on 327. I'll look for legs...
  5. Ahhh Pg. 341 for some reason here. Yes... 1 Lb. A half cup for a turkey? I noticed looking it calls for 1/3 cup IC#1 for 25 LBS! of brisket for corned beef. But he does spec 5 gallons of water. It IS all about the concentration- still
    I gotta think something is awry here. Perhaps only enough liquid to cover is used? Does not say that... sheesh...
  6. I was thinking that since the salt amount is less than most brines, it might be ok, I guess my main concern was that since cure is toxic in higher amounts, I didn't want this to be my last smoke!. The legs did come out with pink skin after only 4 hours in the brine.
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  8. I got a small recipe from Piney for a brine that I put one of my chickens in over night and in the ingred. it didnt have any cure ??

    Is this normal will my chicky be okay ? lol
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    If your cooking over 200 degrees no cure is needed, turkey can stand a 350 degree cook.
  10. thanks for all the great links. So yesterday I did my turkey legs, let them brine for about 5 hours Sat night and then put them on the smoker at noon on Sunday and gradually turned up the heat as the afternoon went on and as the beer flowed. I also put my home made cold smoker above my MES and did 6 pounds of cheese. 2lbs of cheddar, jack, and swiss. Cheese and legs were done about 7pm and boy were they good.

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