AMPNS and BGE for hot smoke?

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  1. I'd like to get your opinions on using the pellet smoker in conjunction with a big green egg.

    I've read a lot on how the amazing device works for cold smokes but, I'd like to use it more for hot smokes.

    I love my egg but, getting the perfect ratio of smoke to heat can be challenging. We typically mix hardwood chunks with the charcoal and hope to get the right amount of smoke.

    I'm thinking out loud and not sure how this setup would work...
    Fill the BGE with charcoal only.
    I use a digiq to control heat.
    After the fire is going, I put the stone on to make indirect heat.

    Would the AMPNS hold up and work correctly if I put it on top of the stone (probably need to raise it an inch or so) then put the drip pan as the next level closer to the meat.

    The end goal is to have perfect heat and perfect smoke for 12 ish hours.

    Looking forward to everyone's thoughts and experience with a setup like this

    Thank you,
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    Smoke, your BGE doesn't need a smoke generator to go with it, in reality you don't want to see smoke billowing out even if it's TBS.   The subtle TBS you see and when it's fairly invisible smoke is perfect.   IMO you're putting way to much thought into providing the best smoke...a few wood chunks spread through some lump is all you need.

    Secondly the egg is a low oxygen environment and the AMPS or AMTS wouldn't work in it as it needs more oxygen and convection to stay lit. 

    Old pitmasters will tell you the smoke and combustion gasses coming out of your vent is all you need or want.   
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  3. Thank you, I guess I'm just anxious to use the pellet smoker and have another week of curing before I can use it on the bacon
  4. mr t 59874

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    If you are looking for the perfect smoke, start by getting your notebook out.  You can get many different results by using any smoke generator including the AMNPS.  The smoke color, density, aroma, flavor and the deposits (both good and bad)  will depend on the fuel, unit placement and the oxygen supply.  It all really depends on what you are personally looking for, as you may want a heavy or strong smoke flavor for beef and a smoother smoke for poultry or fish.  One can be accomplished by placing the unit near your product and the other by using an external box of sort to catch some of the deposits before entering your smoker.  Look at smoke as a seasoning, there are many different kinds and should be used to suit ones own taste.

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