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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by fencesitter, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Yes, Todd, this question is for you:)

    I'd like to get an AMNPS for my Cookshack, but I'm worried about keeping it lit.

    The FAQ on the A-Maze-N site suggests opening the vents on smokers for adequate airflow, but my Cookshack has no adjustable vents, and they certainly don't seem all that big.

    Has anyone used the two together? How was your experience with them? Enough airflow/smoke? Where was it placed? (on the floor or on a grate above or below the stuff you're smoking?) Used for hot smoke or cold?

    I'm worried that on a grate might be better for air flow, but given the size of my SM008, I won't have that much space for it.

  2. shtrdave

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    I have a AMNPS and an 008, I have tried mine 3 times now, for cheese, all 3 it kept going out, after the first time I bought an air pump for a fish tank, got a larger one for a 60 gallon tank. The last time I used it I still had issues with it going out, kept messing with it and left the door unlatched but it got hot enough to melt the 2 pieces if cheese i wanted for gifts.

    I only used it for cold smoke as the CS does a great job of hot smoking, I pulled my wood box and set the AMNPS on the element surround, with the air pump under it through the drain hole.

    Emailed Todd and had some discussion with him, (excellent at getting back to me and answering and advising).

    My next try will be using dust instead of the pellets, Todd and I both think I will have better luck going that route.

    With the issues I have had I would still tell you to go and buy one, get some dust and pellets, I think the dust will be a better deal for use, but if you should have a larger box or heck even a small refridgerator box you could put some racks in it and cold smoke larger amounts with the pellets should you have the need.

    I am sure Todd will be along here at some point and offer his insight, all I had to offer is my own experience.
  3. scarbelly

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    My SmokinTex is similar to the Cook Shack units.  I am very successful using the dust. I have had some great success with the pellets too now that I raised the smoker up about 5 " so the airflow is getting to the drain hole and the exit hole at the top . 
  4. Good point. I've got mine on wire rack shelving, so there should be no restrictions on the inlet. I'm wondering if putting a little stovepipe chimney on the top of the exhaust will also create enough of a draft to keep the AMNS lit.

    And I guess I don't need the pellet version. Woo hoo! The dust version is cheaper too.
  5. scarbelly

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    I would get the pellet version so you have the option of running either dust or pellets 
  6. I have one just made out of screen wire and when I smoke cheese I just crack the door a little bit and it works great.  get it going good before you put it in the smoker
  7. tjohnson

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    Scar has the same issue with a small intake and exhaust on his SmokinTex

    Pellets take more oxygen, and seem to produce more heat than sawdust.  Is a small smoker like your Cookshack, pellets may produce too much heat. 

    I woud go with the 6x6  and sawdust

    Adding an aquarium pump for fresh air has helped some situations


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