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  1. joel11230

    joel11230 Smoke Blower

    Can someone tell me what that is? I have seen amnps mentioned many times. Thanks
  2. foamheart

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    Sure, AMPs is board slang for an AMAZIN aux. smoke generator which is pretty common around here. They use pellets or dust depending upon the device. There are tray types, tube types, and the new expandable tube.

    If you go to the Sponsors link above you should se how to get to AMAZIN's homepage.

    Basically its an aux. smoke generator for those not happy with the smoke they currently get from their own smoker. There are others but Its the most common around this board. The owner and his bride are pretty good folks and really take care of their customer service.
  3. joel11230

    joel11230 Smoke Blower

    Awesome! Thank you

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