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    Ok guys, I have had my 8lb. pork butt in my MES for about 10hrs. now  I am not going to foil and want to take the IT to 205.  Its only at 165 right now but I have time.  My question is that my AMNPS stop smoking after 10hrs.  Do I refill it or is 10hrs. of smoke enough? 
  2. Pictures!!! :D

    Well there are people that say the meat stops taking on smoke after something like 140....but I don't know if anyone has done a side by side test of this. My theory is if it's in the smoker it should be smoking...otherwise put it in the oven [​IMG]  
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    I run smoke the entire time the meat is not wrapped.

    You can pull the pork at 195 and it will do just fine.
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  5. Wow that looks great! Yeah...keep it smoking. 
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    Just added another row in AMNPS. I love that thing!
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    I got a mean stall at 165. Be patient.
  8. keoni

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    ok, I just hit the 14hr. mark and the IT is 180.  I still got plenty time before the party but I am getting anxious!!!

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