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  1. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    I just ordered the AMNPS.  Is it limited to pellets or can you use chips or a combination of chips & pellets in it as well?  And what brand of pellets would you recommend using for a MES
  2. It was made for pellets and dust. Some say you can use a few chips. Your going to love it.

    Happy smoken.

  3. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    I have another question.  Will I need to cover or tent it to keep meat juices from putting the pellets out?
  4. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    You will need to find a way to keep the juices out of your pellets, I always microwave my pellets prior to using them.  Microwave for one minute wait a bit and one minute more.  this reduces any moisture that may have accumulated in the pellets and makes them easier to light.
  5. shaggy91954

    shaggy91954 Meat Mopper

    Thanks Bear.  Sounds like good advice. 

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