AMNPS with Char-Griller question ?

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  1. I'm still trying to find a way to have smoke in my Char-Griller Super Pro with side fire box. I use a Lowes shaker box for my coals in the fire box. I still haven't got the right way to add wood to the firebox without the wood to start flaming. I was wondering if I could use the AMNPS in my chamber on the bottom next to the firebox end. My only thought it may not get enough air to keep "burning"---keep smoking. Does anyone use the AMNPS with this smoker & how do you use it ? Long smokes (brisket & boston butts) you have to add coals after awhile & there realy isn't that much area to play with in the firebox. Any ideas ?

    Thanks....still a 61 yr old grasshopper with Q
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  2. venture

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    I don't use the AMNPS, but I do use the AMNS quite successfully.

    I place mine about in the middle and toward the back so it is not so close to the firebox.

    I also leave my intake vents nearly fully open to keep plenty of air flow in there.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. jrod62

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    i was wondering the same thing. I use baffle across the bottom and not sure if it will get enough air movement.

    i will be using the AMNPS Saturday and will find out. 

    [​IMG]  will stick around
  4. So what kind of temps are you running with your intakes almost fully open in the chamber ? You use the that the one that uses "powder" ? How long does it smoke ? Thanks Venture & I've been checking your posts on the mods on this smoker....I need to sit down for awile & read that thread.
  5. I just try to concentrate my charcoal to the far right side of the firebox and then just put the wood chunks on the far left side on top of a section of grate. I can usually position it so that the wood will smoke but not actually catch fire. I have also had good luck putting wood chunks inside the grill body where the opening is to the firebox.
  6. Please let us know how it works. I've tried about everything I can think of in the firebox to have the logs/chunks/etc. to not start flaming( foiling metal trays etc)........Its enough to keep the firebox going. I've figured out using the Minion method & get 3-5 hrs before I have to start working the firebox...but trying to keep just TBS going is a major issue. Would be nice to not have to "work the wood" every 30-45 mins..........flames up, smokes great, then just unloads alot of smoke..............
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  7. venture

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    Most of my hot smokes run 220 to 250.  With lump charx, fire tending is about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

    Another method on wood chunks is to place them on top of the firebox for 45 minutes to an hour before adding to the fire.  Then place them at the edge of the fire rather than on top. They will last longer that way and you get way less of that nasty white smoke.  Also, sometimes I "pre burn" chunks by placing them at the top of a chimney of charx when lighting a new batch. They don't burn thru, but the edges burn enough to drive out the white smoke before adding them to the firebox.  Lots of ways to skin the old cat.

    Using lump, you are getting some nice smoke from that which reduces the amount of additional smoke you need.

    When using the AMNS I light both ends.  On the AMNPS I would guess that one end would be sufficient.  The dust in my AMNS will run 4 to 6 hours with both ends lit on a hot smoke. On cold smokes I use my Weber 22.5 kettle.  In that smaller smoking chamber, only one end has to be lit and that little sucker will run a long time!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  8. cliffcarter

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    Add the wood,I assume you are adding chunks not splits, and close the intake vent on the SFB. This will prevent the wood from "flaming". Even if the wood does burn it will still add the smokiness you want, I use mine as a stick burner regularly. The CharGriller is a fairly simple cooker to use IMHO, try not to over think things.

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