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  1. Hi all. UPS delivered my MES digital 40 last week. Set it up and seasoned with a chip tray of oak chips and boy oh boy did I get a lot of smoke for about 20 minutes. The glass door was almost opaque after only 20 minutes. Propmtply ordered the AMNPS from Todd and received it 2 days later. Just got a chance to try it out this evening. I used ScooterMaggoo's lighting technique with the heat gun on 1/2 cup of oak pellets that were micro waved for 40 seconds. , smoker preheated to 235. Pulled out chip loader and pulled chip tray out about 2 inches. I got the TBS beautifully for about 3 hrs before i separated the un-burned pellets to stop the smoke. The door was smoky, but I could still see through it. Cleaned right of with a piece of Magic Eraser. I am really impressed with how well the AMNPS works, even though I am just starting out. What a great product. Plan on actually smoking a chicken tomorrow. BTW, I was surprised to see my AMNPS box said "Made in China".
  2. You will love your MES40 and AMNPS. Remember to post a Qview when you smoke the yard bird

    Happy smoken.

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    What's this "Made in China shit?????"

    I was just about to order one.  Don't think I will now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Have you checked out I added wires to my AMNPS similar to what's shown in the thread so I don't worry about fat dripping on the pellets and extinguishing them.

    I've quit cleaning the inside of my MES-40. I keep the racks squeaky clean. Wrap other parts in foil, and occasionally re-foil.
  5. Y'up. Buy a smoker from a Georgia good 'ol boy that's actually made in China.

    Looks like Big Green Eggs (Tucker, GA) are made in Mexico.

    I wonder where the other smokers are manufactured.
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    HELP!  I went to the web site for A Mazen Smoke .... I saw rectangular for dust, and rectangular for pellets, a tubular one.  Are pellets better than saw dust?   I would like to buy one but I am so confused.  Any help on this will be truly appreciated.  I have the MES 40       [​IMG]

    Bill G
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    What are you smoking with? Pellets tend to give more smoke so maybe the pellet tray or tube.. depending on yiur taste and equipment.
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    My 40" MES. I thing I'll go with the rectangular pellet. I haven't seen any reviews on the tube.

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    Depends on what you want to do with it.  The AMNS (dust smoker) is good for cold smoking things like cheese.  For hot smoking meat, the the AMNPS (pellet maze smoker) works great in electric smokers like your MES40.  The tube smokers seem to perform better in gas and pellet smokers.

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    The 40 will work well with the tray. Just have to get the location and correct air flow aling with nice dry pellets. It will keep you from having to load the chip tray every half hour.
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    Don't be

    AMNS uses Dust is and basically for cold smoking

    AMNPS uses pellets and is for both cold smoking and hot smoking

    Tube Smoker is for use in a Pellet Grill, Gas Grill or propane smoker

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    Thank you Todd for the reply. I'll be ordering the anps, along with some apple and orange pellets. :grilling_smilie:

    Bill G
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    Order NOW there is a thanksgiving sale going on!


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  14. Like what? You invented this stuff? [​IMG]  

    FWIW, last year my son gave me the AMNPS for Christmas. I've since given him my MES-30 and bought an MES-40.

    Since he doesn't have a remote thermometer he's getting the dual probe Maverick for Christmas this year.. Same price (including shipping) from Todd as  Support those who support smoking.
  15. well well well.. I think i may have just solved my smoke issues from my MBE smoker.. Cant wait for payday.. Todd i have a question!! About how many decent smokes should I expect out of a lb of pellets?? So far all i have used is the chips from walmart and they R NOT cutting the smoke "pun intended" I usually only use Hickory but my would like to play around with different flavor profiles..


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    It depends on how long you plan to smoke something and how full you load the AMNPS. I load a little over 1/2 way and can get about 20 hours of smoke, 2 tray loads. Fill all the way and get 10-12 hours per pound. It is also dependent on the amount of Oxygen the tray gets. In my MES40 I run with the loader and tray about 1 inch out. If I take out the loader, lots of air getting in, I will only get 5-6 hours out of a tray load...JJ
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  17. Well to be honest I have no clue!! I've been avg smoking 4-5ish hours with my mES 40 and as we all know it doesnt provide a constant thorough smoking!! I've choose the 4-5 hr mark because I heard that meat stops Taking smoke at 140deg!! Please enlighten me I'm here to learn, also say I useable whole lb and fill it up I assume I can separate the pellets to stop them from continuing to burn?
  18. chef jimmyj

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    " Meat stops taking smoke at 140°F ". This is a frequent statement and is only partially true and only partially applies to electric smokers. There is not enough Nitrogen generated by the pellets to make much of a smoke ring if any...

     As far as smoke penetration goes, smoke is made up of Gasses, some containing Nitrogen, Particles of assorted chemicals, most of which have a pleasant flavor, and some Tars and Oils. As the meat is being smoked many of these Gasses dissolve into the meats surface moisture. Since in the early stages this moisture can move in and out of the outer 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the meats surface we get flavor from these Gasses and in a chemical reaction between the Nitrogen Gas and the Myoglobin, the stuff that makes meat Red and does NOT contain any Blood, we get a permanent color change from red to pink. A Smoke Ring! During this chemical reaction the smoke Particles start building on the surface of the meat. Since they are too big to penetrate very far, the particles only accumulate on the surface with some of the smaller ones being carried an extremely short distance in with the surface liquids. Bottom line is Smoke is made up of many chemicals and gasses. The Gasses can combine with the meat juices, it will Absorb Smoke, and enter the meat until about 140*F when the muscle fibers contract to the point that very little passes in or out...BUT...The flavorful smoke Particles will continue to built up on the surface, it will Take Smoke, as long as smoke is being applied to the meat.

    So, no more " Smoke Ring " penetration after 140*F but " Smoke Flavor " will keep building until you remove the meat from the Smoker...

    Yes you can separate unburned pellets, but it is a bad idea to store the unburned pellets in the AMNPS because they easily absorb moisture from the air and if they don't disintegrate will be too wet to burn. This requires that you bake or microwave them to use. Since you will have to remove the pellets to dry, you will have a mess of ash and anything that dripped on it in the pellets, on the floor and in the microwave...[​IMG]  You can figure each row will burn about 3 hours, so add accordingly. It is best to store pellets in air tight containers and even then microwaving 60-90 second before loading is a good idea. I hope this helps. If you have more questions feel free to PM me...JJ

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