Amnps smoke problems please help

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ldrus, Dec 28, 2011.

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    i just got my mes 30 and amnps for Christmas i did a trial run the other night with the oak pellets that came with the amnps and after pulling out chip tray  about  a inch  and pulling loading tube out about 1/2 inch  i got the full row of pellets to burn  until nothing left.

    today i got the smoker going  filled to rows  with the bourbon barrel pellets that i also got with the amnps , i have the tray pulled out and tube bulled out a little also but  the pellets seem to be snuffing out?? i even put the pellets on a plate and microwaved them for 1 min before i lit them up and suggestions??
  2. ldrus

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    i even at one point removed the chip tray completely for a little bit, also have the little vent elbow  installed at the top to "create better draw" but not convinced that is working  for me???
  3. Every pellet Todd sells has a different burn characteristic. While i have not tried bourbon barrel pellets i do know that the oak sent with the Amnps are for mixing with the slower burning pellets. This may be the problem with the bourbon pellets,,,they need to be mixed with the oak pellets to produce a more even consistent burn.
  4. ldrus

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    ok illl try a mix and see what happens thanks
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    Make sure you pack the pellets together pretty tight and let them burn for 10 minutes before you blow out the flame. I know Todd doesn't recommend this, but I leave the chip loader completely out when I use the AMNPS.
  6. This is from the instructions included with your AMNPS...Hope this helps you out.[​IMG]

    11. Cherry, Bourbon Barrel & Wine Barrel Pellets can be difficult to burn on their own.  Fill the bottom ½ of 

    each row with Maple or Oak Pellets, and the top ½ with Cherry, Bourbon barrel or Wine Barrel Pellets.
  7. ldrus

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    i remember reading that now ugggg!!! i did mix  it up with the oak pellets and it burnt good after that thanks guys!!

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