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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kryinggame, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Hey all, I'm doing research on the AMNPS. Although I sent Todd a PM, I'm curious to learn what you all have to say. I just ordered the MES30 from Amazon and it should be in next week. Here are my questions:

    1 - Would I use pellets instead of wood or the combination of the two?

    2 - Can pellets be reused?

    3 - How do I know how much pellets to use? For example, it doesn't take a long time to smoke a small chicken. Would I use the same quantity of pellets for a chicken as I would for a Boston Butt?

    4 - Where do I get the pellets from? Must I buy the pellets from your company or can they be purchased at, Home Depot (for example)

    Thank you!
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    Al covered it well. The one area I would like to add is that you can also use sawdust for cold smoking.  The reason you would use sawdust is to keep the temperatures down when smoking cheese.

    The AMNPS is very versatile that way. 
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    Good info above!!!

    I will add---Put more pellets in than you figure you will need. 

    When you're done smoking, you can easily take a spoon or a screwdriver, or whatever, and separate the hot burning pellet coals from the unburned pellets, and after it cools down, blow the powdery ashes out, and save the unburned pellets for next time.

  5. The only thing I would add is a warning to NOT buy heating pellets.  Be sure that they are marked BBQ or cooking pellets in some way. There have been numerous discussions on the reason(s) for this.  For some of the "whys" and "why nots" try  among others in this forum.

    The only other idea I might add is that AMNPS was developed and designed around AMNS pellets. Not all cooking pellets are manufactured exactly alike.  Each manufacturer has their own method and as I'm sure you will discover from the fhreads, some will out perform others.  In the end, personal taste and experimentation will provide you with the best answer.
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    Gents, thanks for the feedback.

    I generally smoke ribs (baby back and spare), chicken, salmon & boston butts.

    I'm sorry if these seems to be a dumb question but are pellets = to wood? 

    For the above meats, which are good pellets to use?

    I like having a noticable smoked flavor. Personally, I don't get that flavor from apple, cherry and alder.

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    Then you could be a smoke hog---like me!!!!

    I use Hickory for about 85% of my smokes---I like to know it was smoked----The heck with that mild stuff!!!  [​IMG]

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