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  1. I would like to purchase one of these to use in my MES 30" to use for smoking some fish this winter.  All of the reviews I have read say something about leaving the top vents opens to allow for proper oxygen flow.  My MES does not have any adjustable vents, just the little hole in the back corner that I use to put my probe in.  Will the AMNPS still work for me until I can mod my MES and put some vents on it?  Probably only need a couple hours of smoke for the fish I want to do.  Help please! 
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    If you have an MES 30 Gen #1, the vent is in the back right on top & it is adjustable.

    You will want that open all the way.

    If yours is an Analog, that's different. Somebody else can help you on that, but the last I remember was maybe you should get the Amzing Tube smoker. Don't quote me on that---I'm going on memory here!!!

    MES Analog owners---Give Skypeep a hand here!!!

  3. I do believe mine is analog. Has a plug in much like you would see on an electric griddle.  Has a dial that goes from low to high.  The only vent mine has on it is a small, non-adjustable hole on the back top left corner.  I would like to buy the equipment tonight, so hopefully I can figure out what I need.  If it makes any difference, I just went out and bought some very fine alderwood chips, but I could always go buy another bag of pellets too, if that's teh way to go.  Very new at this, just want to smoke some fish.
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    I would get ahold of Todd Johnson at Amazing Smokers, and ask him what you need for your Analog MES 30.

    I'm pretty sure he'll tell you the Tube smoker, but get it confirmed by him. He knows for sure!!



    A-MAZE-N Products, Inc.
    12372 River Ridge Blvd
    Burnsville, MN 55337

    (952) 736-7678

    [email protected]
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  5. [​IMG]

    I have the MES 40 1st generation and the AMNPS works great in it. However I don't know about your analog.

    Happy smoken.

  6. I am going to call them today and see what they recommend.
  7. [​IMG]  Let us know what is said.

    Happy smoken.

  8. Was not able to get in touch with anyone. Does anybody else out there have an opinion? I would like to order it today so I can smoke
    Some fish next week for thanksgiving.
  9. Send Todd a PM.

    Happy smoken.

  10. I didn't realize he was on the forum. What is his member name?
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    TJohnson is his user name!
    Keep Smokin!!!
  12. Just called back and they recommend using the 5x8 tray. For those who were wondering.
  13. Thanks for the update.

    Happy smoken.

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    Or just call my cell @ (952) 412-0484

    We crazy busy right now, but I ALWAYS have time for customers!!


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