AMNPS placement in a 30" Masterbuilt propane smoker

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jharpe06, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. jharpe06

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    Where did you all decide to put you AMNPS in your Materbuilt smokers. I can really find anywhere that wont get too hot or have juice dripping on it?
  2. jharpe06

    jharpe06 Fire Starter

    Nevermind, I think I already found a solution. I have seen a similar mod done before but it appears that my smoker had it pretty much built in. The only issue I have run into is that being right beneath the burner, my pellets tend to flare up. I think I will lower the shelf and see if this helps. Anyone have any input?

  3. chef jimmyj

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    It looks like it should work, lots of air to the AMNPS. The issue with Gassers and the AMNPS is the propane eats the majority of O2 before the AMNPS can breathe. The A-MAZE-N Tube was designed for Propane Smokers. The only other possible issue, the smoke has some volatile flavor components that can burn off as the smoke passes the Burner. This reduces the amount of smoke getting to the meat. If it works, post the results, and how you did the mod. Lots of gas guys here...JJ
  4. jharpe06

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    Ok so even after lowering the shelf, it didnt quite work out like I wanted it to. It would still flare up and catch the pellets on fire after about 5 minutes. My best guess is that the burner is pulling air from the bottom up and in turn creating a vacuum that worked in the same way it would if you were blowing on the smoldering pellets. Good news is I think it is providing enough air flow with the pellets now with the shelf lowered that I think I can place my AMNPS on the bottom rack. I will go ahead and post pictures just so you guys can see where my head was at and what I was thinking

  5. jharpe06

    jharpe06 Fire Starter

    It seems like I have the opposite problem of most people. I had my AMNPS sitting on the bottom rack and about an hour into the smoke it still flared up. Too much air flow I guess
  6. jharpe06

    jharpe06 Fire Starter

  7. tjohnson

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    Wanna try a 12" Tube Smoker?

    Works better in a Propane Smoker
  8. jharpe06

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    yeah I'm kinda thinking that's going to be my best bet right now

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