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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by 95stang50, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. 95stang50

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    Hey everyone-

    New to the smoking world and just bought a master built electric smoker gen 1 30  model number 20070910

    I have been reading a lot on the amnps and mail box.

    Maybe I am a bit confused on them but it sounds like people are using both??

    I guess help me understand what the mail box mod does and the difference between the two and what I should use.

    I plan on smoking mainly, pork butt, pork loin, beef brisket, ribs. maybe turkey and chicken
  2. tropics

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    The AMNPS can be used inside the CC or the mailbox. Mailbox makes it easier because you do not have to worry, about food dripping on the pellets and putting them out.

    Check the group section for MES you will see lots of mods.
  3. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie

    Thanks for the reply. Just realized I put tool box not mail box... Can't wait to get my smoker
  4. I use my MES40 and AMNPS with no mods and it works great. Spend a little time with the search bar and you will be kicking out some great Q in no time.

    Happy smoken.


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