AMNPS on Wood Chip Box

Discussion in 'A-Maze-N Smokers' started by clfergus, Aug 9, 2015.

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    I wasn't able to get my new AMNPS to stay lit when placing on the 2 wire bars to the left of the box in my MES 30 inch Gen 1, silver door w/ window and remote.

    This is only my second smoke, started a butt this morning at 6:30am. While I can fit the box in the proper space it was designed for, there is a screw protruding from the chip box that makes it tighter then I think it should be. The lit side of the tray is up against the left wall of the smoker and I think that might be choking it out. Since my meat temp is running higher than the guidelines I am following from Bearcarver, I opted to open the smoker at hours 2 and relight the AMNPS post microwave to dry the pellets. I had been supplementing the first two hours with chips I have on hand.

    Same thing.....AMNPS choked out quickly. At 11:15 I placed my probes in the butts and opted to light and place the AMNPS on the chip tray.

    So far so good....I think that is working and I can drink beer instead of adding chips for the next 3 hours. 

    Is it ok to place the tray on top of the chip box now and ongoing?
  2. clfergus

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    Update, I just opened the smoker to spritz my meat and let some heat out as the smoker was running hot. I looked and two rows of the AMNPS were smoking. I guess the chip box was hot enough to light the second row. 


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