AMNPS, my first brisket, and a windy New England fall day...

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jtnf, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. jtnf

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    The snow missed me entirely, but I set up in the garage regardless... The wind would have wrecked havoc with the propane upright.

    I added the following to the review of AMNPS, pasted here for simplicitys' sake:
    The rub was a modified Meatheads' Big Bad Beef Rub:

    The rub was heated up by adding a tablespoon of white pepper and two teaspoons of hot Hungarian paprika.

    Brushed the brisket with EVOO and liberally dusted with rub, followed by twelve hours or so in the fridge.

    I used the Texas Crutch, suspending the beef out of the liquid by floating a rack on top of a few upturned stainless steel table spoons.

    The liquid was about half and half commercial low sodium beef broth and Harpoon IPA. I also injected this into the cow.

    It was three hours or so in smoke, another hour or so after the smoke petered out, into the crutch when it entered the stall, and crutched  until it broke 200F (another hour and a half maybe? I wasn't paying attention.)

    Another 45 minutes out of the crutch and then it was wrapped in foil and placed in a small insulated cooler bag in the way of faux cambro resting.

    Now, its' important to note that I avoid beef in my diet due to a digestive health problem... I've not had any whole cow in four years, and even hamburgers have been few and far between.

    This brisket was so tender that I feared not and dove right in. OMFG and a bunch of other internet acronyms that you don't pronounce in polite company.

    This was my brothers birthday brisket, and it wasn't plated long enough for pictures! Next time I'll have to schedule a photo shoot and share a Q-VIEW.
  2. tjohnson

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    Sounds like an Awesome Brisket!!

    I used to have a folding wire turkey roaster rack and wonder if something like this would work to keep the brisket clear of the juice.

    Did you get a good smokey flavor?

  3. smokinal

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    It sure does sound great.

    Wish we could have seen it!
  4. donr

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    I was a complete Noob when I did my first brisket, so I did not catch the drippings & don't know how much is rendered.  A cookie cooling rack (read Jerky rack) will hold it up of the bottom of the pan.  If you don't think that will work, use several balls made of aluminum foil directly under the brisket.  Make them as big as they need to be. 
  5. jc1947

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  6. jtnf

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    --Heh... I'll try to get pics of the leftovers but they won't be quite as compelling the day after!
  7. jtnf

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    The smoker is about 14"x15" internal shelf area... I picked up a few teflon serving pans (think inserts for a steam table) that are perfectly sized and they fit the brisket well, but my cookie racks did not fit.

    Fortunately I already have a vegetable & fish grill rack that fits within the steam table pan. I transferred the beast to this rack then it sat on the upturned spoons. All in all it worked very well.
  8. jtnf

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         After the steam from the residual water in the steam pan went away, a single row of hickory pellets produced a nice, consistent smoke for three hours in an ambient cabinet temperature of 225F.

         The smoke flavor was very nice indeed. Next up is cheese, and probably almonds, so they'll have a few weeks of rest before thanksgiving.
  9. jtnf

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    Straight out of the fridge and carved for dinner. Damned yummy.

  10. tjohnson

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    I ate the left overs from my last brisket cold with a little horseradish sauce

    Last of it wen down for lunch today


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